Is Transhumanism dangerous (no) or visionary (yes)?

  • Transuman is visionary because it would strengthen the human race.

    Transuman is visionary because it would strengthen the human race. It would greatly enchance space exploration. We would be able to send a squad of humans to search for life on other planets and galaxies. It would also increase our life span so we could be more knowledgeable. It would also make the world a better place since material items would lose value to the common person.

  • Quality of life.

    Transhumanism is visionary, rather than dangerous, because it is possible to greatly improve the quality of human life. If a person is missing a limb, they can use a prosthetic that they can control with their own brain. It is no different than typing into a computer to make a job easier.

  • Headed to the Future

    Transhumanism is the wave of the future. It involves genetic manipulation, bionic implants and nanotechnology that all helps humans. It is inevitable. These advances will help humans live better and live longer. Transhumanism is already here with implants that allow the blind to see and the deaf to hear. Once technology evolves, transhumanism will be here to stay.

  • No it is highly dangerous Even if visionary, Some visions should be consigned to the mind alone- not practice

    Greetings, I believe that it is a self-evident truth that transhumanism is a danger. Inherently, It seeks to transcend all human limitations. But limits exist for reason-they make us better. The struggles that exist in our lives make us appreciate the triumphs even more. Besides, Consider the tales of Greek myth. It is not the immortal gods who display any courage or virtue, They are shallow and petty and vain, Rather pathetic beings who would be scorned if they were mere humans for their major ‘flaws. ’ A similar truth exists in some of the gods in the Vedas, Especially Indra. Remember, Technology is a tool, It is not a panacea for all or ills that will usher in paradise. To my fellow debaters, I hope that you make the right choice, And do not seek to throw your humanity away.

  • Tranhumanism, the visionaries sandbox.

    To claim that Transhumanism is dangerous is to warn against the most innovative, imaginative and creative ideas and debates within current human culture. In attempting to achieve a philosophical or real world manifestation of the Posthuman concept, Transhumanist are applying rational thought to the challenges of today and the concerns of the future. Certainly, many of the issues that they consider our provocative; but, ultimately, asking difficult questions and suggesting unique solutions can only benefit the human condition.

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2014-03-22T03:43:29.840
Maybe you could explain the term in the description? (I do know what transhumance is, but somehow I don't feel this has anything to do with nomadic herding...)