• It will make us dance better

    This will be very great because donald trump is the best dancer, so he is the first transhumanist that has surfaced into the light.He is the worls only hope , he belives in us. That is why he puts cottage cheese on his car , it is the best polish in the world

  • Occam's Razor Axiomately

    With everything's being equal, why not? Well, if the whole sodality sought the wholesome equality, science is the answer to that. People just obscure their own selves to intentionally become oblivious that we are advancing at such rate that we are having a difficult grasp on our own inventions. Define beliefs and religious stuffs.

    One thing you can easily deduce is, it is the most Brobdingnagian obstacles of scientific endeavors due to ethical or moral based restrictions. Now who's insane? The one who sought for the betterment of humanity or the one feeding us a belief system based on need to believe not on the true robust empirical facts and evidences infront of their oblivious naked eye.

  • Transhumanism is good y'all

    Transhumanism could give us wings! Or GIANT DICKS!!! Cyborgs are totally cool and completely misunderstood. If we could only get politics to promote the use of cyborgism, we could increase happiness in athletics, and more importantly, our sex lives. Sex is an important implement to society. Without sex, people would be sexually deprived. Transhumanism is the only way to survive as a human race.

  • Transhumanism is the natural, as well as logical, next step for mankind, and is basically ethical.

    Mankind has always manipulated its environment to improve the human condition, and usually does so without lasting harm to said environment. We harnessed fire and created shelter for warmth and protection. We developed vaccines and prosthetic limbs to keep us at the normal human condition. Why not take the next step and go above and beyond the normal human condition? Disease would become a myth within decades. We already use technology and scientific advancements to improve our daily lives, this is merely the logical conclusion to be reached.

  • It's not unethical in itself.

    Anything can be used in positive or negative ways, and that's why this is a topic that should be payed attention to. However, that being said this technology has the potential to eradicate human suffering and usher in the next step in our evolution. Either way this technology is fast becoming a reality and that means that we should take steps toward ensuring the ethical use of these new capabilities and in order to do that we have to think of radical new ways for organizing society that promotes cooperation among people rather than our current competitive paradigm because that will be the driving force of our destruction.

  • Transhumanism is a step forward

    Being able to change and modify your body to better fulfill a task that could not normally be achieved with a basic human body is admirable. Especially if it means forwarding the human race. What if you are a construction worker and a 100lb metal beam falls, you could potentially catch it with stronger arms and save your life or another's.

  • We should transcend the confines of the human body

    I think this is ethical because everyone wants to have some ability that they wouldn't normally be able to achieve with your original body. Or it could be that you want to go through this to live longer potentially forever, or you want to walk again or become healthy again. Whatever the reason is I know that deep down everyone wants to achieve these or other things and so if we are willing to take the step into the future of humanity. Then I'm sure we will be able to do this ethically and safely.

  • Transhumanism is a way forward.

    I believe that Transhumanism as a whole is ethical if it is managed carefully. Anything with great power also holds great risk not only to impair those less well off but to impair our society as a whole. Ethics are also a very hard to define thought. But if it were managed well and for the benefit of others I say it is

  • Evolution is always going forward, always changing. But we humans can think we can created the path to harmony and we will become gods!

    Humans are evolving but the world we created our socity is not made for our bodys are minds are only parsoly ready for the stress and problems of this world if we could stire our evolution and become human perfection incresed bone mass brain power. And if we use machine inports we will become gods!

    Will it happen? Idk but we must try we will try if we fail and all die then aliens will do it too, the new evolved beastest (birds monekys ect) they will do it too

  • Not just ethical, but admirable.

    If we take transhumanism at its face value claims of bettering humanity through the research, development and deployment of technologies, then transhumanism is both ethical and admirable. Since the invention of the first blunt object used to beat prey to death, humans have been making and using technologies to make our lives easier and better. Transhumanism merely continues our cultural quest of endless self-improvement.

  • Genetic Engineering Destroys Basis of Liberty.

    Liberty is based on everyone being created equal. And liberty must mean a birth right to marry and procreate naturally. If we allow genetic engineering of children, even to fix genetic defects, we destroy the basis of liberty and the right to reproduce naturally. Support the Egg and Sperm Civil Union Compromise to stop genetic engineering and resolve the marriage debate.

  • Cutting away half of humanity

    If we outright remove the "negative" aspects of humanity, how would we define its "positive" aspects? Happiness loses all of its meaning without despair, as does stimulation without boredom, comfort without discomfort. The human experience is the difference between good and bad, so what is life when its only difference is between good and good? Nothing.

  • No, and it's creepy.

    Transhumanism threatens all that is human because it removes the core of what makes each person different from another and would move toward making everyone very much alike, at least in terms of intelligence. What kind of society would this create? We would all be of one occupation? Emotionally we would be lost.

  • Transhumanism In its Purest From Is Not Unethical

    By asserting that transhumanism is in someway unethical, would have to be supported by an ideology that says that all technological advancement for the betterment of the human species is unethical. Without much argument, that would entail that God, (or whatever Source you choose to support your unethical contention through), must think technology is bad. I just don’t buy that in the slightest fashion. Even the most steadfast religious fanatic most certainly must conclude that man was given a superior intelligence to help advance the planet, and if that intelligence is utilized to better mankind then how or why could it be considered unethical. Now, whether or not the contentions of a true transhumanist would hold true – that we will as a species eventually circumvent aging and ultimate death – is not part of this argument. The stated premise is that transhumanism, the technological pursuit of the best things medically for mankind is unethical. I guess unless you think God wants us all to return the stone age mentality then the answer would have to be no.

  • No, it will be abused.

    The changing of humans will not be available to the lower classes like you or i, it will insted be used by the rich who can afford 100,000$ enhancements on there memory. What will happen to the poor, they will be cast down, unable to compete with the advanced rich beings

  • Transhumanism is the fruit of the devil

    Imagine a future in which we're all going to be able to do anything we want. Fasten our thoughts, increase our physical abilities. We won't need any effort. I understand some people think it's going to be better, but if can do anything, become who we want, be as strong, as smart as we want, we wouldn't be human anymore. We'd be something half human half robotic. Imagine that we were shipped to increase our mental abilities, even perhaps to be connected to Internet, governements or anybody could even read and hack our thoughts. What do you think about that?
    Evolution is a paradox. The smarter a species become, the more dangerous it becomes for us.
    I think we shouldn't, mustn't, push the boundaries too far. It would be dangerous and harmful for the whole world. I really don't want to grow up and grow old in such a society.

  • Goes against human nature

    While I'm all for improving our lives, transhumanism creates tons of problems that goes against many of the principles which we live by. For example, one of human's identities is diversity, which would be destroyed by the ability to enhance: if everyone's able to achieve the social norm for 'good', there'd be no more goodness, as it is a relative concept.

  • Trans-humanism could end our race

    Sure, maybe right now robots and putting AI into this world is great, but we are already seeing some of these robots go rogue. People will lose their jobs thanks to these things just taking over everything for us. And think about how much more advanced these robots will be, they'll be able to start learning or making whatever they want, and we would have no idea what it even was. And maybe I'm wrong , maybe the future won't be like that. But with the way things are now, and how our world has become, I think it's a very likely possibility that we need to take in consideration here.

  • Strips humanity of it's purpose

    Life is a quest to get better at what you want to get better at. With transhumanism, we destroy that purpose, by giving us all what we want without us having to work for it. It's like playing a video game using cheat codes; it's not fun, and it strips us of our humanity

  • Transhumanism is shallow

    The human race is a result of evolution of billions of years and I am fine with a body that does just that. The human race has achived so much and we are amazing. Human achivement is about overcoming limits to do things of great potential.

    Who become transhuman will become arrogent as they are better than everyone else. There will do more bad things because there is less things that can stop them.

    Transhumanism is will make everything in the future meaningless as what makes accoplishments so great is gone. We should evolve with honour not with actifical enhancements.

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fractaldreams says2013-07-09T13:29:54.577
You might like to look at this, if you haven't already seen it, 'What Vernor Vinge actually said about the Singularity in 1993', he was already talking about the possibilities of computer network - human interface, cognitively speaking, that would, I agree with him, represent more exciting possibilities than straight AI - considering the marriage between computer power and speed/ease of access to information and human intuitions and sensibilities. It's crazy cool, really, when you think about the potential :)