• no ones ever going to use this space, so why not make it useful?

    Trickle down economics. If there is anyone who believes this, I want to meet them and see weather they can actually come up with valid reasons for it. Seriously, I dont think many pollitions in the U.S. even care about the publics opionion any more. why should they? They already know that the uneducated majority will vote republican, so there is no reason to expend the energy to lie any more. I can already feel the hate from the people who read this, so i should remind you that i will only pay attention to those who display the ability to rebuttle me without attacking me directly for my opions. Thank you

  • It provides more tax breaks to the wealthy than to others

    Trickle down provides tax breaks to the wealthy in the hopes that they will invest in the economy and create jobs. Whether it actually works or not is beside the point but when you tax one set of people at a lower rate at the expense of a different set of people, that is redistribution.

  • Trickle down theory IS Wealth Redistribution

    The wealth is redistributed from the middle class and the poor to the wealthy ... The fact that trick down theory moves wealth to a small set of people does not mean it is not wealth redistribution. What is our concern is that we do not practice trickle down theory economics because it is an abject failure.

  • Trickle Down economics is not wealth redistribution.

    Trickle Down economics is not the same as wealth redistribution. In fact, is it the opposite, since little wealth is actually passed on to the poor. Trickle Down economics is a way for the rich to get richer while making it seem as though they are trying to help the poor.

  • Trickle down economics is a mask for Romney and his rich supporters.

    Romney is again placing a mask over the Trickle Down economics that he is supporting. All this does is place all of his fancy talk so that people do not see the switch game where the rich are going to get richer and the ones that suffer are the middle and low income classes.

  • I disagree with trickle down economics doubling as wealth redistribution; it merely masks the truth.

    Trickle down economics just redirects the public's attention, making us all think that we reap benefits of some kind. The truth, however, is that the rich continue to grow richer, and the poor get what's left over. The middle class really see no benefits at all and have no hopes of joining the upper classes.

    Posted by: StraightRaleigh37
  • Trickle down economics is ineffective, as some at the top are hoarding wealth over generations, and the greater sum is still always at the top.

    The money and resources may trickle down to the middle class, but it will take a long while to do so. A lot of it is hoarded at the top and never reaches the average worker.

    Posted by: PaltryLyndon99
  • Trickle Down economics is not wealth redistribution, because it doesn't work.

    The theory of Trickle Down economics would be fine if it worked, but it presently doesn't, and therefore only the wealthy benefit. If it could be more effectively implemented and monitored it would be worth while, but presently it is not a viable solution for stimulating the job market and the economy.

    Posted by: OddFrancesco97

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