• Yes, Tropical Storm Bill is a result of global warming.

    I believe that storms such as Topical Storm Bill are increasing in intensity due to the rise in temperature of our oceans caused by global warming . Hurricanes get their energy from warm waters. We need to be more vigilant and work toward slowing down the rate at which global warming is affecting our planet.

  • Global warming must be overcome in order to avoid dangerous threats eg tropical storm bill

    in my opinion it is true because global warming is a negative impact on the surrounding environment and affect the ecological balance of living beings, as well as the threat of a dangerous threat to living beings. this is due to sewage waste companies or air pollution from the local environment and ultimately membentukalah tropical storm bill that would occur after accumulating things above. for that we have to do or the planting of trees, to neutralize the threat of global warming.

  • Even if global warming was natural- it is likely that the tropical storm was influenced by this warming.

    We all know that tropical storms are natural phenomenon that regularly occur. We also can hopefully agree that average global sea temperatures are rising currently for whatever reason. Now it makes sense that if temperatures increase, storms will be more common or stronger because of increased evaporation. Of course, the extent to which warming has contributed to a change in tropical storm formation is unclear at this point. But it most likely has, even if it is just by a tiny bit.

  • We have always had tropical storms

    No, there may be global warming going (or at least climate change, which I think is more likely) on, but a tropical storm is not a sign of it. A good sign is the cooler areas of the world are getting warmer, like how the poles are melting, or even the current warmer temperatures elsewhere.

  • No, There's a lack of evidence

    To say that a tropical storm hitting the gulf region is a direct correlation between global warming is to lean too heavily that large storms have never happened in the area. The Gulf of Mexico has been a tempest throughout history. In 1900 Galveston, Texas was hit by a Hurricane killing between 6,000 to 12,000 people. To put this even more clearly into perspective, Hurricane Katrina claimed the lives of 1,200 people. Storms will rage within the Gulf, as they always have. It's no more global warming's doing, now as it was 115 years ago.

  • No, Tropical Storm Bill is not a result of global warming.

    It is start of hurricane season so the storm is expected. Ocean temperatures are high along with hot humid air especially given the heat waves that have been hitting the country. As it crosses land it will lose some of its strength and die out as is the usual progression of the storms.

  • This is an outrageous claim, it would happen regardless of humans

    Global warming is natural. This is like saying the ice age was caused by something other than natural occurrences. Extreme weather has been prevalent on Earth far before humans even existed. Would the dinosaurs be responsible for a hurricane like this as well? I'm not denying the existence of man-made pollution, instead I'm rather stating that it does not have a significant effect of weather patterns.

  • Who say we have Global Worming, and that could bee the course to this tropical storm.

    I got no supporting argument to cover my Opinion with, because there is no conclusion on the matter in hand what I know to bee right.
    We got Climate change every 50 and so years around the World, so the Global warming got nothing to do in this case, or any other storm.

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