Is true Capitalism better then Representative Socialism?

  • Without a doubt!

    To understand capitalism and believe in its innate good, one must reduce it to its most simple form.
    Two kids each own their own lemonade stand.

    They both use the exact same ingredients (product) and the same street corner (location).

    They both have the same size stand and quantity of ingredients.

    One charges $1, while the other charges $1.25.

    With capitalism, the LESS greedy kid would thrive only charging $1, while the other would be forced to lower the price or go out of business.

    With socialism, only one kid needs to set up a stand while the other plays on the playground and climbs trees. At the end of the day, a parent (government) takes a "fair share" of the profit from the stand and gives it to the child with no stand. This creates disincentive for any child to open a stand.

  • Caveat Emptor, Consumers!

    True capitalism is a better system than representative socialism because free market principles reign. Companies that pay workers more will have better employees. Companies that make better products at lower prices will thrive. Companies that don't deliver should be allowed to fail without being propped up by government funding. In today's modern world, humans can see for themselves what companies are good for business and which aren't.

  • Why should the government help out a company that's executives failed to maek the right decisions?

    The executives and owners make an investment in their company. By doing this, they have the right to make decisions to better the company in whatever way possible. If they make the wrong decisions and the company fails, why should they get a second chance from the government? Why should they get "bailed out" when millions of other businesses are allowed to fail?

  • After Bank, Auto Bailouts, Absolutely

    After the U.S. government bailed out the financial and auto industries, true capitalism should reign in America. Those companies that lost money should have been allowed to fail. Europe is having a hard time with Euro Zone countries and massive debts in certain countries. Banks needed to be shored up in Europe during the recession as well. Representative socialism works on a limited basis, but for right now the citizens of the United States and Europe rely too much on governments to help them even though they are democracies.

  • Yes, Capitalism is the best and most ethical political and economic system ever devised.

    Capitalism is the only system that encourages individuals to trade together for mutual benefit. It also ensures that innovation in the market place is rewarded, creating constant economic progress. The wealth creation generated by the profit motive system is moral and ethical, allowing producers to benefit from their abilities. The innovation produced by the innovators benefits all members of society. So, because true capitalism, not crony-capitalism as we currently have now, is the most ethical economic and political system, it is therefore better than Representative Socialism.

  • Capitalism is inferior

    Just look at the results - America is full of fat unhappy divorced people and bratty uneducated kids being raised by tattooed single mothers and they won't be competitive in the global market place. Unregulated capitalism creates waste and pollution and is dangerous for the whole world. It's also against the bible and pretty much all religious books that tell you to help out your neighbor. It's all based of of buying something and selling it for more - aka ripping people off. It creates dynastic wealth. When their is an imbalance of supply in demand it creates huge problems such as with healthcare. It also enslaves people with debt. It limits their freedom of job choice - you have to work a job that is in high demand. It destroys the concept of family because both parents have to work. I could go on and on you morons

  • It might not be worse, but it's not better

    Capitalism is, in many ways, a terrible system; it's wasteful and can lead to poverty. On the other hand, socialism has not always worked out very well either, particularly when it is applied in a heavy-handed fashion. Therefore, I don't think capitalism is inherently better than socialism, although I wouldn't go so far as to say that it is worse.

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