• Capitalism in North America: a bloated car crash.

    Capitalism nowadays has been essentially boiled down to a form of Aristocracy that is run by huge, powerful corporations that buy up talent and run small businesses out of town. The wealth is held by the 1%, which has a tendency to want to invest the huge sums of money they have in things that will increase their own wealth, sometimes at the direct expense of the public.

    The Government accepts huge sanctioned bribery known as "Political Donations" and thereby is bound to protect the biggest spenders. Post-Secondary is worth almost nothing and leaves young, ready to work students with educated minds and creative spirit without a chance of good work, leaving highly educated smart people flipping burgers to make rent.

    It's a sad state of affairs.

  • Theres no such thing as 'true' capitalism.

    I always find it ironic how conservatives always talk about religion and economics in the same way. True capitalism, the true faith. Thats not really capitalism, theyre not really religious. I guess that comes when you follow a fairytale in atlas shrugged and a fairytale in your religion. True capitalism is not dead, and its more alive than ever. We live in a capitalist society and have the evidence to show for it, with rising rates of child poverty, income inequality as high as the Victorian era, and higher rates of homelessness than ever before. No financial regulation. No competition Authority. Free trade from Chicago to Shanghai. The private ownership of the means of production, is, I can assure you, as alive as it ever could hope to be.

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