• Yes, true love really happens.

    Yes, true love is a genuine phenomenon. An overwhelming amount of evidence backs up the concept. It is something acknowledged and celebrated in story and song in all cultures. Whether someone has experienced it personally or not, every mature person understands what it is. Though it is not something that can be measured physically, everyone who has experienced it attests to its reality.

  • True love is real, although it goes against most people's definitions.

    True love is real, although the best definition of love can be found in the Bible. Love is self-sacrifice and doing good towards others; it is a decision to put others before self. True love, as people think of it in terms of warm feelings towards another, is a fleeting emotion that is likely unsustainable over time.

  • Yes, true love is real

    For many people, true love is a real part of their lives. For some, one true love is all they need and all they believe in. For others, there may be more than one true love in their lifetime. Those people lucky enough to find more than one true love in life are very lucky indeed.

  • True love is real.

    True love is real but it is not always natural or instant. Some people have to work very hard to feel love. Working hard in order to develop feelings of love does not mean that love is not true love. It just means that it required a little bit of exploration before you were finally able to comprehend your feelings.

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