• He is worst fascist ever.

    I am pro gun liberal and I hate Trump. He is f***ing fascist and is trying to ruin U. S. He is worser than Mussolini. He is a man bitch. He shouldn't be leader of such a good country. I hope that some pro gun liberal candidate gets elected in 2020.

  • Yes. And so are his supporters for supporting him.

    Fascism is characterized by ultranationalism (check), "strongman" thug leader (check), Militarism (check), Corruption of government (check), Xenophobia (check), Human rights violations (check), Against free press (check), Cultural conservatism and a desire to return to tradition (check), The oppression of minorities religious and ethnic (check), Anti-LGBT (check), Cult like devotion of the leader (check), Leader is above the law (check).

  • Not a fascist

    Trump is not a fascist despite what the left says. Trump is however someone who will refuse the answer no. He is exactly what the us does not need right now. He increases tensions and abuses power that should have never been given to the president (because it is not in the constitution) to get his way because congress disagrees with him. The whole point of the US government was so that nothing ever got done unless extremely specific circumstances allowed it. The point was that change can only be made if the country supported it in large numbers and if it was constitutional. In addition, Trump is not trying to oppress any particularly group through his ideology. Unless youre talking about illegal immigrants but id say not allowing someone to randomly wander into youre country is hardly oppression. As far as I (a non trump supporter) am concerned, Unemployment rates are far down for almost every demographic. Even if that's not trump, Its clearly a sign he isn't doing antything to hurt what is happening.

  • Leftist rhetoric abounds

    Fascist is a catch all to somehow equate trump to hitler or someone of that ilk. The USA is not a fascist state and our president is not a fascist. It’s easy to dismiss trump since he steps on his tongue and does not varnish things when he describes things. The leftists in our country cry fascist anytime there is some dissent from any conservative influence, Trump being conservative in chief.

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