Is Trump a racist and an idiot and a guy that talks B*llsh*t?

Asked by: kevinTOC
  • Donald trump is to me indeed a racist and awful

    He want's to banish all muslims from the US, and he want's to build a wall between Mexico and America, I mean, does he wanna remake the cold war? The sovjet union already built a wall around Berlin. And he uses media to get fame. To me, he's an idiot and a windbag.

    And he's ugly.

  • Trump is telling the truth

    Trump is abandoning mexicans because of the welfare policy they come for money and future it's true but wants the U.S to work for once I know it is bad but that is the only way to keep the U.S in balance

    but wait after he bands the mexicans he will understand that they are the roots to the U.S

    americans grow on mexican roots

  • Honestly Politically Incorrect

    Donald Trump has many times been accused of being a racist, sexist, bigot. When the fact of the matter is he has never said anything that proves theses claims. He simply does not conform with the political correctness movement the left wing media holds to high esteem. It is because of trumps brutal honesty that has caused such uproar from the sjw population.

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  • Probably, but we honestly have no way of knowing.

    He wants to banish all muslims? That's not an argument for racism, and I'm not even sure that's true. He did discuss banning the immigration of muslims, which is another kind of ist, but to my knowledge has not discussed banishing them, again.....Not racist to begin with.

    He wants to build a wall between Mexico and America. Every president has wanted that. If you want to to stop illigal immigrants and to control smuggling operations that's not racist, whether you happen to be bordering one country or 5 of them. We just don't have the same issues on the Canadian side because of their better living standards, higher security, and inability to produce drugs in huge commercial quantities. Not that I'm a supporter, but I understand the appeal.

    The Berlin wall was totally different and the poster should know that.

    He uses media to gain fame, which doesn't relate to the bullsh!T claim, but I'll admit, he is a bullsh!Tter.

  • Its not definite

    He might say things, but you have to remember the presidential race is mostly about popularity and how much people see you now a days. In order to be seen by the liberal biased media, the only way he can be seen and get his points across to the nation.

  • Because he isn't

    All his plans for America will help buissness's out and also support pro-life. Why do people around the internet only talk about trump when we need to be talking about Hillary Clinton with bengazi and her email scandal and all the other things she and obama has lied to us about

  • Orwell was right

    PC has a way of redefining words.
    To be "American", you must hate America.
    To be "Religious", You must hate Christians.
    To be an "idiot", just say anything highly intelligent but not PC.
    And if you DARE to shoot a criminal, you are a racist and bigot if he is not white. ( but ok if he is white, only black lives matter)
    We've seen what the "experts" have done to our country, time for a change.

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