Is Trump actively going against the Black lives matter movement?

  • Literally Imitating Segregationists

    Donald Trump has decidedly chosen to send armed military forces on the American people, Which is a tactic previously used by segregationists. He's allowing police to tear gas his own people, Knowing full well that a majority of the crowd is black. He thinks peaceful protesters are a "mob. " It sounds a lot like the people who fought against MLK.

  • He obviously is

    Trump is going against the black lives movement.
    He literally used tear gas on peaceful protesters,
    And had the audacity to call them mobs. These are people
    Who are tired of being treated wrongly, And that was how our
    President responded. This man should sit on a businessman’s
    Chair, Not the presidents.

  • Yes, Trump is actively going against the Black Lives Matter Movement.

    Trump has stated that the movement is a symbol of Hate. It may take a well informed White American to educate Trump about the Black Lives Matter Movement and its actual purpose. Trump appears to support the confederacy and the confederate flag, Which has been a problem of racial prejudice, Therefore, A "symbol of hate and division" for so long in this country. That is the problem of "Systemic prejudices", Its been so interwoven in the fabric of society that it becomes a part of society, When it should not be. I charge to Americans to be very careful of what you allow yourself to believe just because someone wants you to believe something. Be Smart about what you read, Listen to, Or hear in person. Always strive for the facts or truth about things regardless of where it comes from.

  • This is a trick question: All people are important, However the BLM movement fuels the pain of black people, Creates anarchy, So that communism wins.

    So no, Trump is not against black people. He is however against the communism coming from the BLM movement. The BLM movement has showed their disdain for capitalism and wants to abolish it all together and replace it with communism. They are invading business of not just white people, But black people as well. . . In capitalism, People have the right to their property. In communism, You have no property rights. The fact that BLM can loot and say "Were taking back, What is ours" when they have no legal means to do so is wrong! Their words say a lot and their actions speak volumes. . .

    The BLM organization is the same as Anitifa. . . Both are false claims. . . It's like saying I am anti-bullying and then getting people beat up that disagree with me. . . What next, Will a new group come out called "AntiRacist" then say, "I hate white Americans. . . " Like the feminist want equality, But do they really? Men get punished much more severely then women do for the exact same crimes. . . All these movements want is special rights and more privilege.

  • White Supremacy Post

    Trump posted a tweet on Twitter of a Trump Supporter shouting "White power! White power! " It's undeniably racist, And these values echo through his party. Vice President Mike Pence refused to use the phrase "Black Lives Matter" when asked from the host if he would say it. He said "I really believe that all lives matter" failing to recognize all the racism African Americans have to go through.

  • Well Maybe Perhaps.

    What if we actually stopped racism? Would BLM disappear? Nope. There's too much money to be made and benefits to be gained. Certain individuals (not all/just black people, Racist) would still want reparations and sympathy, And would thus push FOR either some racism to maintain cashflow, Or would want you and me to THINK that there's still racism for the same reason. Granted, There is legitimate racism, And that should be dealt with. However, Just like COVID-19, It's not going away. Ever. We will learn to handle it better, But it's never going to be "over" or gone. This isn't nihilism. I still think we should fight for good causes, Within reason, But at the end of the day, Freaking out and hurting others because nothing is perfect won't solve anything.

    Closing Statement: BLM is not an argument, It's an obvious fact used to insult people's intelligence, And if you mean "Black Lives Matter TOO, " then say that instead. Unfortunately, BLMT is still insulting and doesn't look as good as BLM.

    Person: Black Lives Matter!

    Me: You don't say? They all do.

    Person: Yeah but black people aren't treated like they matter.

    Me:. . . And condescendingly telling others something they already know will solve that how?

  • Trump supports Patriots over Seditioners

    The age of peaceful Black Lives Matter protest is over. Trump has declared Antifa a terrorist group and have sent AG Barr to arrest the rioters and the looters. These people are taking advantage of a legitimate cry for police reform that was needed to reduce the violations that were set upon the people by the legislators in pursuit of controlling the public. They are seditionists who seek to destroy the United States and replace it with a worse system where accountability is determined by race and not by deed.

    If you disagree, Ask yourself why this police protest has resulted in autonomous zones and the destruction of property of private citizens, While celebrities and politicians who pass the laws remain untouched. His approach has been measured, But he will use this attack the leftists who have poisoned the black community and now have made every attempt to destroy it to use the burnt out husks as an impetus to get votes while investing in the real estate to move some yuppy tax payers and international corporations into the former homes of black people.

  • All Lives Matter

    Trump is not actively going against the Black Lives Matter movement because the supporters of the movement like to think that currently, Their lives do not matter to other people, Which is simply incorrect. In reality, This movement wishes to elevate the position of African Americans from equal to that of other Americans to a position of superiority in which you cannot arrest or pull over an African American because you are then deemed a racist. No racist laws exist in America today, Stop pretending that they do.

  • All lives matter

    The Black Lives Matter movement does NOT represent the interests of the African American community. That is exactly why Trump goes against it. Just do a little bit of research online on your own and you will find out the true donors of that movement the the ideas that they are going to promote in the future under the guise of protecting back lives.
    They even admit that they are "trained marxists" and that they are getting funds from different parts of the world.
    If this movement really mattered, They would talk ALSO about the lives of black police officers and other innocent people who dies as a result of the looting activities and violent clashes.

    ALL LIVES MATTER, Not only black lives. . .

  • Trump is VERY racist

    When he made his rally in tulsa, Oklahoma. He said nothing about the black lives matter movement. He is very racist, Referring to the coronavirus pandemic as the "kung flu" a racist term. He has been very violent in ways of threatening protesters. He his in his bunker like the baby he is.

  • No all lives matter

    No I think that all lives matter stop pretending that trump is going against it he is not going against it ok he is saying all lives matter ok every single human life matter including you ok everyone matters ok not just black lives matter Ok all lives matter okay

  • Absolutely not all lives matter

    He is so right trump is like so right about it ok all lives matter ok not just the stupid ass black lives also I agree with trump okay all lives matter no matter who you are or what gender you are you matter every single life matters I am just so sick of it okay all lives matter

  • Trump is right all lives matter

    Trump is so right about this all lives matter not just black lives matter ok and no I agree with trump all lives matter ok and no I think that all lives matter my dude ok so yeah I agree with trump all Lives matter ok not just black lives all lives matter

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