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All Lives Matter

  Trump is not actively going against the Black Lives Matter movement because the supporters of the movement like to think that currently, Their lives do not matter to other people, Which is simply incorrect. In reality, This movement wishes to elevate the position of African Americans from equal to that of other Americans to a position of superiority in which you cannot arrest or pull over an African American because you are then deemed a racist. No racist laws exist in America today, Stop pretending that they do.
EricT0010359 says2020-06-24T20:01:18.220
African Americans take a few deaths and overexaggerate them to make it seem like every black person in America is being oppressed.
colindebates says2020-06-24T22:12:06.067
What, So just a few Jews die in the Holocaust, So it's not ok to be against Hitler? Give me a break.
EricT0010359 says2020-06-24T22:56:02.997
6 million Jews died in the Holocaust. That's different from a few black deaths.
colindebates says2020-06-24T23:09:37.207
2 million Africans died traveling the Midwest Passage, 40, 000 were killed in the civil war, 1 million died in WW1, Estimates of 700 South Africans killed in Apartheid, 60 MILLION DEAD DURING COLONIALIST ERA. They have been stood on and trodden on for centuries, And they still are. Stop.
EricT0010359 says2020-06-25T01:18:27.603
That was in the past. Show me the current numbers and maybe I will change my mind. We cannot forgive our ancestors but it is also pointless to pretend that such oppression is around today. Stop living in the past and wake up
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