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Literally Imitating Segregationists

  Donald Trump has decidedly chosen to send armed military forces on the American people, Which is a tactic previously used by segregationists. He's allowing police to tear gas his own people, Knowing full well that a majority of the crowd is black. He thinks peaceful protesters are a "mob. " It sounds a lot like the people who fought against MLK.
Lord_Humongous says2020-06-22T19:45:47.343
What else would you call people who are burning cites and killing cops other than a mob? Grow up.
FactsAreAllThatMatters says2020-06-24T18:17:53.007
Yes, There are some peaceful protesters, But there are also many that enjoy the destruction of private and public property. Your logic is: if you do anything against a black person, You are racist (and yes, This idea too is racist in nature).
EricT0010359 says2020-06-24T22:54:26.650
First, Where is the evidence that most of the crowd is black? Trump knows very well that people of all races are participating in these protests. Also, The alternative to tear-gassing people is allowing them to burn and loot our country, And that is something I would not want my president to support. Lastly, Just because segregationists did this does not make it evil. Trump is doing it for a different purpose, As he has our best interests as a country at heart.
Wilh3lm says2020-07-10T14:26:41.397
A lot of the protests are not peaceful.
mjklgh says2020-07-17T18:20:08.930
This is stupid. The statement is taking racism too far, Saying that whenever you do something to someone, You are being racist towards their race. This is an excuse to stir up turmoil in order to revolt against the government. And no, He thinks the people who were burning down shops and using violence are a mob.
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