• He cheats and still loses.

    His daddy gave him money and had city officials in his pocket.
    Trump ended up losing money. He had to take loans from banks and did not pay them back. He scammed investors.
    There is strong evidence that he even made deal with the mob and the Chinese to get money.
    He built casinos and he lost them even though the casino always wins.
    The only reason why his has money is because he cheats and steals from people more dumb than him
    He made a lot of money scamming people from Trump U. He only knows how to con suckers.
    The only reason why he is not in jail is because he has crooked people breaking the law for him.
    He is so dumb he can't even find countries on the map or read well.

    You people think that he is rich because of his smarts and hard work but he is rich because he cheated and stole from people. He biggest con was the presidency. He won because he had Bannon and Kushner controlling the social media and trolling the new media.

    And as big of a dummy he is, His supporters are the bigger dummies.
    They actually believe that he loves poor white Americans and wants to make them rich.
    You are the sucker that Trump feeds on. I can even tell most of you never even made it college and work long hours for low wages. You are the biggest suckers that probably gets scammed all the time.

  • He Just Is

    Trump is an absolutely deranged Neanderthal. Quinnipiac University’s poll, , Asked respondents to say the first word that came to mind when they thought of Trump. Out of the people surveyed in a phone poll, 53 said “idiot, ” 44 said “liar” and 36 people used the word “incompetent” to describe the president.

  • Compared to Joe Biden, President Trump is a SUPER GENIUS! Best of all he's an AMERICAN President and NOT a Globalist Puppet like Biden.

    President Trump's POLICIES are what makes him a GREAT Leader. Whether it's foreign policy, Jobs, Securing the border, Law and order, President Trump FIGHTS FOR AMERICANS and OUR COUNTRY. Joe Biden on his BEST day is a Globalist who SOLD OUT to China, And is now nothing but a FEEBLE Place Holder so the Dems can get Harris in the White House. But even the Dems didn't support Harris, Her highest polls were 15% during the primary, And DROPPED the more the Dem Voters got to know her. She was at a MISERABLE 3% approval when she dropped out in December of last year. Trump isn't popular because we like his personality, He's VERY POPULAR because we LOVE his PRO-AMERICAN Policies.

  • No, Trump is not an idiot but he is a successful liar.

    Trump out of all the US Presidents, Has had to have Fact Checks to be done all the time throughout his Presidency. What is amazing is that most people would think, "ok, This dude has a problem". Yet, It seems many of his supporters could care less about it. Trump could sell a broken down used car to his supporters and they would jump at purchasing it with bright and cheery eyes. Trump is simply too narcissistic and is incapable of bringing this multi-cultural country of America together in the right way. Trump has shown that he likes to have "Yes" people surrounding him, Instead of people that will support him, Yet not be a doormat. Trump has managed to get lots of people wrapped around his finger so to speak, Because they see him thru a "Saviour" type of lens. This type of person can never really be trusted. Yet, There are those that unrelentingly want another Presidential term for this President.

  • He uses psychology

    Hate him all you want, And I agree he is not that great at all. However he got his way into the white house by extreme pandering with his made up Populism. He had no political experience at all and yet he got in anyway and nobody cared. He uses psychology a lot to influence his base, Its actually pretty smart. For example, His constant "us versus them" mentality which resonates with people of alternate politics/conspiracy theorists and people on the right who think the left is literally Satan. Based and gamerpilled

  • History has proven otherwise.

    Like him or hate him, Simply calling someone an "idiot" based on your subjective beliefs is, Quite frankly, A naive and idiotic thing to do. Speaking from an objective point of view, Mr. Trump has graduated from Wharton College (from UPenn). And although a degree isn't enough to measure one's intelligence, It is a pretty good indicator of what you are able to accomplish. An idiot may be defined as "a person of low intelligence" - would someone with low intelligence be able to host one of the world's largest business tycoons?

    It is silly to assume someone is something based only on opinions, When in fact history, And even the present, Consistently proves that Mr. Trump is not an idiot.

    Posted by: ujb
  • Trump is pretty smart

    First of all he is not a conservative and there is no evidence that he
    cares about peoples race. If your good at your job and you work hard then he respects that. He leads the media around like a dog on a leash and has been doing that for the past 4. 5 years. With having enemies in the republican party the democratic party the FBI and the media he has accomplished an incredible list of things that benefit everyone (all people) in this country.
    He is not a globalist. He makes deals that are in the best interest of this country. That is what I expect from both the president and congress.
    It's a dangerous and competitive world, Trump understands that. He knows that the middle class in the U. S. Needs an advocate he is exactly what this country needs right now.
    Just my opinion

  • He's the POTUS and a billionare

    I definitely agree, Most of the stuff this guy says is antagonizing and it almost sounds like he's making stuff up as he goes. However, We need to understand the definition of 'idiot' - which Google defines it as "a stupid person". Well, What's a stupid person? Google says, "having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense". Donald Trump, While he inherited an enormous amount of capital and had a 'head-start', He didn't run his father's business into the ground. He got a BS in Economics - while it's not a PhD, Or anything close to that, We can at least rule out the lack of common sense. I guess it depends on how you measure and define 'having or showing a great. . ', But it satisfies my personal requirements for not being an 'idiot'.

    The lack of intelligence is definitely starting to show on him, Though - but I don't know if he qualifies as an 'idiot', Yet. I'm of the opinion that you cannot teach and old dog new tricks - intelligence is defined, Per Google, As "the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills". I don't think anyone knows how much Trump learns on a daily basis - and I'd even say it's very little for anyone as old as him. However, I don't see his career as POTUS as everything just going over his head constantly - he had to learn a lot a president, Coming from a business background. Regardless of whether or not he does what the people want, He still had to have some degree of intelligence in order to be in office. Https://virtualspeech. Com/blog/adult-learners-effects-age-cognitive-ability-memory-retention

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