Is Trump appointing the wealthy leaders such as Jared Kushner to build an agenda for the rich?

  • Yes, it seems Trump is working to build an agenda for the rich.

    Yes, it seems Trump is working to build an agenda for the rich. This is not a surprise. The shocking part of the situation is that there are people who actually thought a wealthy man, famous for being wealthy, running on a platform of business success, who refused to reveal his taxes would actually be interested in an agenda that helped those who were not wealthy.

  • Yes, Trump is undoubtedly open the doors to the rich to run our country

    This may not be all bad, since industry has been neglected for so long and many Americans have lost manufacturing jobs with no way to replace the income. I do understand the pull of "making America great again." I just hope we don't end up in a nuclear war or with half the country flooded due to climate change.

  • No; Trump is appointing leaders based on merit

    Appointees such as Jared Kushner are experienced and renowned in their respective fields, which has allowed them to become very wealthy. Additionally, everyone in this country has a fair shot at becoming rich and successful; if someone is unhappy with their socioeconomic status, they are free to better themselves through additional work and/or schooling.

  • Trump appointing wealthy leaders it Is not meant to build an agenda for the rich

    Trump appointing wealthy leaders is not meant to build an agenda for the rich. It is merely necessary tool point skilled and experienced people two posts which are very important to running government and administering agencies. The rich will be rich without any help from Donald Trump. That is Marilee a media driven narrative, like so many, that is anti-trump.

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