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  • Absolutely not tho

    He was way to much at ease when this virus was upcoming t the U. S. He wants to re open the state and schools as soon as he can. This will continue to proceed until he is no longer president. Just please guys, If you're eligible to vote for upcoming presidential elections, Just don't vote for Trump. Please don't.

  • No I am from the future

    After telling people not to worry and to not wear masks and that it was just a flu. . . . . People got infected.

    Then he started to tell people to just take drugs to stop the virus. People went bananas over a drug that does nothing.

    Then they started to say only fat obese people were the ones dying.

    A lot of people became infected and Trumpo says that he did a good job and it could be worse. Yes you could score a D- and you can still do worse and get an F but you have failed trump.

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