• Yes, despite his lack of experience

    We do not need a master strategist or inspiring leader. What we need is someone who will stand up for our country and never back down. We will get or respect back under his presidency. Obama is a weak leader who never stood up for us. Never again under trump

  • Trump is a Lazy, Vulgar Know nothing

    The fact that this cheap huckster has attained the highest office in our
    government is unfathomable, and while I didn't think Hillary Clinton
    was a great candidate, she was at least intelligent, rational, knowledgeable and conducted herself with comportment. And you
    can't hang his election on the knuckle draggers alone, college educated people voted for him as well., They must have checked
    their thought processes prior to entering the voting booth. Trump
    has the mentality of an 6 year old., Say something good about him and you are gold, something bad and you draw a tiresome nickname.
    He is totally 'winging it' and is way in over his head at close to 100%
    in an ability to govern any country., He is full of bad ideas from yesteryear, his own prejudices and from his cabinet., Him and his
    cabinet of mostly enablers remind me of mere satraps and sycophants. This "administration" will be looked at by historians in the near future with amazement, in the context of; "What were they
    thinking?" One last thing., I don't believe that Trump expected to win
    the election and shouldn't have, one good analogy is about a dog who chases a bus week after week, month after month and then one
    day finally catches it, then doesn't know what to do with it., That dog
    is Donald Trump and the bus is our country, government and democracy. I just hope we survive 4 year of the dog driving.

  • No he is not

    Trump has proven that he severely lacks the sufficient temperament in order to be in charge of this country, at the slightest critical remark he goes on the offensive. No foreign leader is going to want to work with that type of president, hence Trump as president will sever our diplomatic ties. He incites prejudice and hatred in his supporters, and his ego is so huge that he is like a runaway freight train.

  • No, Trump lacks the political experience and temperment necessary to be Commander in Chief.

    Trump is primarily a business man and does not have the extensive political or military background necessary to carry out the duties of the Commander in Chief. He also has shown a tendency to fits of temper and irrationality, both of which are unacceptable in the Commander in Chief.The Commander in Chief needs to be able to remain calm and rational in all situations to make good decisions.

  • He Hasn't Shown It Thus Far

    Setting aside his lack of political experience, which some may see as a benefit, Mr. Trump has shown a lifetime pattern of rash reaction to provocations that he views as personal attacks against himself or his brand. One of the primary jobs of the president is to be diplomatic and to weigh the consequences of actions rather than to act rashly. This behavior makes him unfit to be commander in chief where decisions, be they rash or measured, can cost the lives of soldiers and civilians both American and foreign.

  • No, Trump is not fit to be Commander in Chief.

    No, Trump is not fit to be Commander in Chief because he has zero experience in office and is a failed businessman. Whenever he brags about his money, he is lying. He was given an enormous loan from his father and started with millions of dollars. He has always been given too much.

  • No, he isn't even qualified to hold the job of POTUS.

    Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump have any business being POTUS. The role of POTUS is far too important of a job to just let anyone who "wants to be president" run for office. I think it would be better if candidates had to be vetted for qualifications for the actual job and then voted on from there by the American Population, in normal election format. That way all the candidates would at least come with the safety of at least being qualified to do the actual day-to-day work.

    As far is Trump is concerned, I don't personally like him but it doesn't really matter who we have as our sockmonkey-in-chief.

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