Is Trump fit to be President of the United States of America

Asked by: Scizor_32
  • Yes he is

    He is couragous. He loves the country. He cares about common good. He cares about the poeple. He had opportunity to look into elites' customs and policies and he discovered their vanity and emptiness. He is determined to fix most urgent problems of the union and of the poeple. He personifies and brings back to the center of the scene the very beginning of the U.S. constitution: We, the people. Donald Trump stands for "We, the people". And what is fundamental gets restored. Donald Trump. We, the people. And all is clear.

  • He is bold enough to bring up real issues.

    This man is bold enough to talk about real issues - which other cowards/ so called politicians are afraid to talk about. Sure he talks like crazy sometimes and his presentation probably sucks but the subject and the content he talks about is true and they are facts. Companies are giving bribe / so called funds to presidential candidates so that they can lobby the decisions made by the government and continue the legacy policies that don't work anymore. Wake up voters - he is your only choice to put an end to it.

  • Because king sia

    King sia is a legend among all legends, he has snorted cocaine, not once but twice. Thus leading to my conclusion that donald trump should become president and he has a very nice hair style and he's gonna make america great again. GO TRUMPPPP YOOOOOOOO LETS GOO BABE XOXOXO XX

  • He's an Idiot

    Honestly, isn't America supposed to be a safe and welcoming place for the citizens of the world. Saying that women don't have the rights o chose what they do with their own body...Fuck off. Now, yes, in some instances he is very smart and daring but socially he is not. He thinks he can rule the world *cough cough Hitler* and he doesn't care about others. No matter who they are. He is not accepting and I am scared for the U.S. As someone who was born there, I am glad I moved to Canada. If you want him to be your president, have fun.

  • Fuck You Donald Trump!!!! (Tramp)

    I believe that Donald Trump will be the worst president we ever had. He wants to get ride of the very people that make America such a great world power. Everyone has different views of how things should be run help America become a better place for people who need to escape the turmoil of their home countries.

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