• Trump might have committed second hand crimes.

    It's very difficult to point out specific crimes of an influential figure like Trump, Because of the power and money they have to hide them. Trump was best friends with Jeffree Epstien, A man who raped hundreds of girls. It's quite obvious that his friends did too, When their was a woman who said they did. Trump must've as well. Although many may not count his racist and sexist remarks as crimes, If that's the way he is than it is really obvious that he committed many crimes related to this, But his power and money has allowed him to cover them up.

  • Name one crime against humanity you didn't find out from CNN.

    The media exaggerates so much of the bad things Trump does. He never rigged the election, He has condemned white supremacist groups time and time again (if you don't believe me here's two of those times: https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=rj97Uygh2qQ, Https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=0qD47QFFkTU&t=19s)
    But everyone still accuses him of crimes against humanity. He's never committed any crimes against humanity.
    If you believe he does, Show me the evidence that doesn't come from biased news sources like CNN.
    Until then, I still believe Trump is innocent.

  • What crimes against humanity?

    If I were to be a centrist, Simply just stating that Trump has committed crimes against humanity, And when I ask you about those crimes and you cannot give me any actual evidence to support your argument other than your own personal feelings towards him. . It's not making anyone come to your side lol

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