• Not gonna lie

    When he was younger, Probably. As of now, He honestly isn't bad-looking for someone his age.

    My political opinion of him is irrelevant as it has nothing to do with the question, So do not try to debate me about politics here.

    The comments that say he is ugly, More often than not, Are not really talking about his looks but rather stem from their disagreement with him about his political ideaology. Judging from an objective view ONLY on his appearance, However, I feel like many people's opinions would change.

    Also, Morals have nothing to do with outward appearance, So justifying the argument about his morality and his actions are irrelevant to the judgment of his looks. We all know that selfish and morally corrupt people can look good on the outside, So that argument is ir-re-le-vant!

  • EWW not a chance

    He never was hot in his younger years. He was only hot because he had money. FACTS. He was a plain looking man and even with blonde hair he was average. No muscles and no manly chin, And baby hands.

    There were other hotter men and trump got rejected. He tried to date the very hot Selma Hayek and she pushed him aside. So he snagged a model with the promise of a green card and chain migration. According to Melanie Trump tried very very hard to get her to date him.

    Now I am pretty sure she regrets ever doing that and that she would have been happier if she chose differently

  • Because he is a legit orange and ugly man.

    Cause he had cheated and is a poor man to his wife´s and girlfriends and he only cares for then because of his money he is a bad man and so is his wife's. Also he is a big fat depressed man why should anyone want to date him you ugly man.

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