• Yes, Trump not paying taxes makes him greedy

    Yes, Trump not paying taxes makes him greedy. The logic behind not paying taxes is, "I shouldn't have to pay taxes because I've already contributed to society." This is greedy logic, and it is the logic of a sociopath. Trump feels that he is on a different level than normal US citizens, and that because of this he should get a free pass on taxes.

  • It shows what kind of person he truly is

    Of course, no one wants to pay taxes. However, when you are Donald Trump and supposedly have billions of dollars in net worth, it's not going to hurt you to pay some taxes. The fact that he has avoided paying any at all at times shows that he doesn't believe in fairness, refusing to foot his fair share of the bill.

  • Yes I agree because it is every American's duty to pay taxes.

    Trump is absolutely being greedy by not paying his taxes. The thought that a person who is attempting to become our next president is boasting about how he has been able to avoid paying taxes is just despicable. Trump is a very wealthy man and there is absolutely no reason he should not be paying taxes just like the rest of Americans. How can Americans as a whole trust in a person like him and the way the government will use our tax dollars when a person like Trump thinks he is above such a thing as paying into that same system?

  • Trump shows his greed by not paying taxes

    Donald Trump doesn't pay taxes. This shows that he's in it for the money - as long as he can hoard as much of this money as possible. His supporters are blind to the greed displayed by their preferred candidate. They don't seem able to reconcile the way he spouts so much about policies that will help the lower class if he can't follow these practices himself.

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