• The leftist slander ruined his credibility.

    Donald trump while being a very open person, but is he too open? He has accomplished all things he promised, but still he's hated.
    1) He implemented a travel ban
    2) He reformed the V.A.
    3) Move U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
    4) He's in the Negotiating stages of Renegotiate the Iran deal
    5) There's a Bill to Raise tariffs on goods imported into the U.S.
    6) He is yet to Make cuts to Medicare Because He promised he wouldn't.

    All Promises and status can be found here.
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  • The majority say yes and the minority are aware of no.

    No is an answer that is on it's on a task at hand, so I refer to the minority that is aware of the big picture. Leaders of a hierarchical corporate culture are but puppets and the puppeteers pull the strings to make the leader move to the left of the right.

    But it is yes for now.

    Trump is is no more than stupid is as stupid does. Because the puppeteers need a fall guy or girl to take the attention from them. It's called the corporate media of the corporate dreaded purple people eaters within the purple circle of bloodsucking parasites.

    Trump is a little fish in a big pond of scum sucking bags of crap that believe me have very little chance of ever realizing what to be humane actually is.
    Money leads to power and absolute power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • Leftist newsmedia outraged they got it wrong

    The vitriolic attacks on the Donald are motivated by a logic of revenge, and scapegoating especially the Russia Collusion the idea being we wanted Hillary to win we get what we want therefore when we don't get what we want there is a conspiracy to take it away from us.

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