Is trump racist for calling african countries shithole countries?

  • He is obviously

    I think that Donald trump is obviously racist for calling African countries shithole countries ok and yes I think that we should call Donald trump the most racist president ever in history for calling all the African countries shit hole countries ok ok ok ok ok ok I hate trump

  • Of course he is

    I think that trump is racist for calling African countries shithole countries ok and yes I think that we should call trump the racist president since he called African countries Including the USA shithole countries ok ok ok so yeah we should call trump the most racist president ever in history

  • He is obviously the racist

    I think that Donald trump is racist indeed ok and yes I think that Donald trump is the most racist guy ever ok and yes I think that we should call trump the most racist guy of the USA and of course the African countries and for that he deserves to be in prison ok

  • Of course he is

    I think that trump is racist indeed because if he ever calls African countries shithole countries i will call Donald trump the most racist president the USA has ever had ok and yes I think that we should call trump racist for calling African countries shithole countries for it 9

  • Yes he is

    I think that trump should be called a racist president for calling African countries shithole countries ok and he is the most racist president ever ok trump is a racist indeed after calling African countries shithole countries and for that Donald trump is a racist ok ok ok ok 👍

  • Of course he's racist!

    This is Trump we're talking about. I never doubted for a second that he was a racist. He's pretty dang vocal about his racism. You could see it from space,

    G ghr oir tg rkj g kr t fg f gg g rg f d g g d d d,

  • Racists are oblivious to their racism

    Just look at the closet racist in the no section. He just did a blanket generalization and myth ignorant people tell themselves.
    Yes Africa has a lot of Diseases because they have a lot of exotic animals and diverse flora. Monkeys bats lions.
    Cannibalism. Yes there are some minor instances of cannibalism but some white people are into that thing. They have created Hannibal lector and have an obsession for cannibalistic zombies. And they sure love having skulls on everything.
    Civil wars and military weapons. I do not think you know this but its because people want their diamonds and oil and resources.

    Foreign companies and nations give warlord weapons in exchange for gems and oil. Europe and America and Asia can't keep their hands off Africa. Its better to keep them in perpetual warfare and to rob them.

    Trump has a history of hating black people. He kicked them out of his apartments even though they always paid rent and had contracts. He built faulty houses for black people and was never convicted. He absolutely wanted to punish the central park 5 even though they were innocent
    He did not call Latin countries that he only called black people that.
    So black people make Trump angry for some reason. Trump thinks he is superior ad says he has good genes. Hmmm.

  • No, Because it's objectively true

    Anyone can see that African countries are shithole countries, Most third world countries are. African countries have tons of poverty, Starvation crime etc. Besides I'm sure many Africans literally shit in the streets. So yea it's a shit hole country. And it's not racist, Saying a country is a shit hole country just means that that country is just awful to live in, It doesn't have anything to do with race

  • It can't be racist because they are not a race

    Negroids are not a race of humanity, They are another species.
    Therefore you can't be racist against them. They are disgusting, Violent, Primitive, Lower than roaches, Waste of oxygen. They have a reverse midus touch, Destroying anything they touch. Zimbabwe, South Africa, Haiti, Detroit, Brickston, Chicago, They are oppressors and invaders and are colonising our land, We must act to remove the invasive species. ACT NOW HUMANS BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

  • No, Trump never mentioned race, And therefore this has nothing to do with race.

    He most likely called those countries shitholes because they are poor, Not because most of the people living in those countries are black. Race was never mentioned. Trump did not say: "Oh, Those countries are shitholes because the people in them are black! " Trump has indicated "racist" behaviour in the past, But he has never indicate actual racist behaviour. These days, The word "racist" is thrown around like a toy. It is directed at every politically incorrect person, Or anyone who say "All lives matter", Which is most certainly not a racist phrase. This society has gone too far in its attempt to silence the conservative population, And eventually there will we a revolution. I am hopeful of such.

    NO ONE is a racist unless they want to be a racist.

    I rest my case.

  • Yes and no

    Literally no human on this planet has ever been 100% NOT racist. Everyone at some point in there life has thought and said some pretty racist things. But just because of that does that mean they’re completely racist? Of course not! But let’s assume that you’re automatically a racist for saying one or a few racist things. That means everyone is automatically a racist (because like I said we’ve all been racist before) and no one can criticize trump for racism without having a HUGE double standard. Also we need to seriously stop with race and calling people racist it’s getting out of control on both sides and it’s gonna lead into HUGE political correctness.

  • We're sick of the lefts crap!

    We're sick of political correctness, We're sick of the racist double standard they have, We're sick of being LABELED racist all the time, We're sick of the gender bullcrap and we're sick of the pedos after our kids, We're sick of hearing about reperations for slavery and we're sick of being accused of white priviledge and hate speech. We're just tired of the left constantly going ballistic.
    And this is coming from a classical liberal who's now basically known as an insane right winger. We're sick and tired of the lefts bullcrap!
    Don't forget the brett kavanaugh case. . . No sexism there

  • Nobody is calling it a shithole country because they're black

    It's a shithole country for many reasons and it being run by black folks is not one of them. (Sure I agree that it was very vulgar and very poor choice of words) But the reason why it's a "Shithole country" Is mentioned above. There's a billion problems with their culture and just because they happen to be black folks does not make it racist. If he was saying it's a shithole country because it's run by black people well then yes that is racist. Anyone can look at the surface of africa and agree that it's a really bad country. But we know the left won't care just like the left didn't care when lyndon Johnson said the N word

  • Ilhan Omars tweets about jews?

    When Ilhan Omar was saying that Jews in Jerusalem (Only country in the middle east we have a good relationship with) Hypnotized the world even though every other country in the middle east is trying to kill them and protests "death to america". . . Yeah the jews are the bad guys and there's CERTAINLY no racism there when Ilhan omar a Muslim black woman calls jews evil for being jewish Give me a break!

  • No it is one and that's what it is

    Thanks to political correctness no one's allowed to be politically honest about any culture, Country, Person or anything in general. Yeah it was rude and yeah it was uncalled for but racist? No. VERY VERY screwed up country. If you criticize a black man for anything and i mean ANYTHING (Unless it's a conservative black man) You're a racist. If you criticize a white man for being white you're praised for it. Also I love how the middle east protests "Death to america, Death to the christians" And "Death to the jews" and NOBODY dare call them racist! Political correctness 101

  • No and nobody cares

    If he called europe, Russia or canada a shithole country literally NO ONE WOULD CARE but because it's african countries then the race card kicks in. Honestly the people against trump are way more racist but because it's against white people nobody cares but if it's against a black person, Black community or country then we play the race card. But anyway since africa has tons of diseases, Cannibalism, Civil wars with military weapons with kids involved I'm pretty sure we can call it a shithole country without being racist

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