• He is not prepared

    This man is talking about how he wants to build a wall to prevent Mexican from coming into the States. How unrealistic is that? The process of building the wall would cost a lot of money that could be put towards things that really matter like cancer research that would effect millions in a good way.

  • Muslims why muslims

    How come Muslims always get the short end of the stick and not americans... Wait I know because Trump is RACIST how come he is always talking about Muslims but not himself... Let's face it trump is a duch and needs to leave the election and he is talking about putting up a border fence... We don't have the money for that.

  • Trump, Being a Polarizing Force, Sows the Seeds of Opposition, Conflict, and Resistance to Compromise Everywhere he Goes

    Donald Trump is rising to power for the same reasons Adolf Hitler did:
    A) He polarizes the population into either for him or against him, by insulting his opponents
    B) He blames the nation's problems on groups largely unknown and/or disliked by the population
    C) He refuses to accept precedents as rules

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  • Foundation of Fascism

    A narcacistic megalomaniac is a an easy step away from a free America. Early on Trump's campaign, ties to the alt-right and white nationalist base were evident. Once his administration settled in, those ties were shown to be strong. Further that with an attempted coercion of media, condemning all news sources that don't favor his administration, and the foundation for fascism is laid, even built upon.
    It can be argued that a secure border is necessary, which is always the case. Building a "wall" however was a step beyond, in that it merely turned our neighbor into a supposed enemy, purely in the interest of ill-placed nationalistic pride.
    Taken a step further, the naming of a group of people based on culture, religion and/or ethnicity as dangerous, creates a false enemy, but one that is easy and simple to point out.
    Our Nation was built upon the labors of all people, from vastly different cultures. We are a melting pot of various cultures coming together and becoming American. Choosing to separate our nation through labels of race and ethnicity is exactly what will kill America. Doing so as a plan of action is exactly how fascism steadies it's rule. The next to go would be the educated, teachers who help our children become strong citizens, and even to make it illegal for one to speak out against a regime as needed. Then, fascist rule becomes not only entrenched but uncontested.
    Yes, Trump could easily be the end of America.

  • Yes he is the end

    He is a war loving racist person who wants to see the world burn. He would build a wall to stop the Mexicans from getting in. He is very stupid. He would spend all America's money on pointless things, and would likely start world war 3 before the Russians could star it.

  • Trump will make a good change

    Trump is a tycoon. He isn't a politician, so he hasn't yet been corrupted by the law. He's honest, and sometimes harsh, but we need someone to straighten this country out and tell us how it is. He's run a major corperation, so he obviously has leadership qualities, and everything he hopes to do as president really appeals to me.

  • Just the end of reason and dignity

    The propulsion to "anti-establishment" is understandable. Nevertheless it is truly despicable to see such meteoric rise of someone as ignorant and ostensibly bigoted as Trump. He understands nothing about governing or foreign policy. We should be ashamed as a culture and a nation for every delegate he gets. It's damned alarming!

  • Nope, he's just a bigot.

    Although TheOregonian has a convincing claim, I think the poll title is melodramatic. Trump is horrible and racist, but in no way will he end America as we know it. A fun anecdote: I am an american democrat, but lived in China for a period of time. I am still in contact with Chinese friends - and they make fun of me for living in a nation where Trump is so powerful. He might not end the country, but he sure is making a splash.

  • Can't Stump the Trump

    Why you should vote for Trump:

    1) It may sound ridiculous but a border wall would be a good solution to illegal immigration, sure the wall may cost £30 billion however this will be worth it in the long run as illegal immigration costs way more:

    Illegal immigration has also been causing unemployment and poverty, especially among the black community, the US doesn't need millions of illegal immigrants when millions of her own people are unemployed:

    If you are a supporter of the republican party then you too should support Trump, illegal immigration will bring in millions of Democrat voters, making it difficult for the GOP to ever win an election:

    Finally illegal immigration has created a huge amount of crime and other issues for the US with drug cartels, human trafficking and Mexican nationalist gangs such as La Raza using the lax border policy to bring people across illegally, many of whom commit crime: There is even evidence to show that the Mexican government have been using this to get rid of criminals and other unwanted people:

    So therefore it is fair for the US to try and get Mexico to pay for this wall, they have created this problem, it's only fair that they solve it, until they do, Trump will, among other things: impound all remittance payments derived from illegal wages; increase fees on all temporary visas issued to Mexican CEOs and diplomats (and if necessary cancel them); increase fees on all border crossing cards – of which he issue about 1 million to Mexican nationals each year (a major source of visa overstays); increase fees on all NAFTA worker visas from Mexico (another major source of overstays); and increase fees at ports of entry to the United States from Mexico [Tariffs and foreign aid cuts are also options].

    2) Another controversial issue is his Muslim ban. However this is nothing new, in the past, Franklin D. Roosevelt banned Germans, Italians and Japanese from entering America during WW2, Jimmy Carter also banned Iranians from coming into the US after the Iranian Revolution yet Trump is now a Nazi after suggesting that the US temporarily ban Muslim immigration until they can improve the vetting process? The fact is that the CIA have admitted that their vetting system is ineffective, meaning we cannot tell which Muslims are good and which ones are extremists, yes the amount of Muslims who are terrorists is a small percentage, however the amount with extreme views is a frighteningly large percentage:

    3) Trump will stand against unfair trade policies such as NAFTA which has lost the US one million jobs:

    He will also end Chinese currency manipulation and take a stand against their expansion into the South China sea:

    4) In regards to ISIS, Trump has the best solution, instead of arming Jihadists like Obama has done, Trump will help Putin get Assad back in power and restore stability to the US.

  • Donald Trump may be a racist, ignorant, sexist pig, but he won't be the end of America

    Donald Trump is using racism and fear to rise to power, promising to make America great again. He is proposing mass deportations, blames immigrants for America's problems, and thinks Muslims should wear special ID's. Hitler also used racism and fear to rise to power, promised to make Germany great again, and proposed mass deportations, blamed Jews for Germany's problems, and thought Jews should wear special ID's. Extremely similar, huh? However, while Hitler certainly made Germany a hated country after the war, he certainly did not destroy it. I think that we can trust him to NOT destroy his country.


    Trump's election is a resounding scream by voters to Washington. The gov't is not serving it's constituents. The bipartisan gridlock has made it impossible for anything to get done. Americans are sick of it and want change. At ANY cost. Knowing that....Congress should work together and serve the people. Come to the middle. The far left is BAD. The far right is BAD. Come to the middle. America is amazing!!!! Now...Congress....Prove it!

  • Wrong question to ask.

    To ask whether or not Trump is the end of America is to ask the same of Bernie Sanders. They are both unconventional presidential candidates. They key difference is that Bernie Sanders is the exact opposite to Trump. Bernie has been for the people for as long as he has been in politics and even before that. Trump on the other hand has been in the business world since the he could talk. Trump does not truly understand the plight of the working man but Bernie does. You can argue all you want about who is right or wrong in term of policy and rhetoric but in the end its about their character, However, to answer the question directly. Trump I would not be the end of America, we have been through far worse. Trump would cause a massive shift or revival of racism and hateful speech towards those who are different. A large portion of his base are of those type and even kids who are still young and naïve are flocking to him without thinking through what Trump is actually doing. Trump aside from Cruz is the single greatest evil we can possible elect as our commander in chief.

  • He's a bigot, nothing more.

    Although TheOregonian has a convincing claim, I think the poll title is melodramatic. Trump is horrible and racist, but in no way will he end America as we know it. A fun anecdote: I am an american democrat, but lived in China for a period of time. I am still in contact with Chinese friends - and they make fun of me for living in a nation where Trump is so powerful. He might not end the country, but he sure is making a splash.

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