• He has made interesting choices.

    Trump has made interesting cabinet choices that show that he is not just going to cater to the elites in Silicon Valley and other places. Trump has made it clear that he doesn't intent to repeat any LGBTQ rights or do any legislation to discriminate against people based on their sexual identification and preferences. He is representing everyone in this way.

  • Trump isn't upholding a single one of his promises.

    I don't think Trump ever meant to represent all Americans, that promise was just a sound byte to him. People need to realize that he is a businessman and he only cares about his bottom line. The Presidency is just a way for him to line his pockets. I wanted to give him a chance but I'm done, he doesn't represent huge sections of the population. We just have to live with it.

  • No, Trump is not representing all American.s

    Unfortunately, President-Elect Donald Trump does not appear to be upholding his campaign pledge to represent all Americans. Most of his presidential appointments have been to wealthy business leaders and Washington insiders. Trump needs to bring more diversity to his administration in order to represent all Americans. Trump must also become more pragmatic in some of his more extreme positions.

  • No, Trump is not upholding his campaign promise to represent all Americans.

    No, Trump is not upholding his campaign promise to represent all Americans. It appears that the only Americans Trump is interested in representing are white supremacists and nefarious business leaders. He is doing nothing for people of color, environmentalists, women, public school children, or any other group that needs help.

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