• Yes it is.

    It is better simply because it will get rid of ACA. While his plan is not the best (the best plan will be for gov't to not be involved in healthcare all together), it is at least a step in the right direction. People should not be forced to buy healthcare, people should not be forced to subsidize other people's healthcare. Finally health insurance company should be allowed to charge people with pre-existing condition more. It is ridiculous under ACA that they can't. Look at your car insurance, if you have an accident or have a history of getting into accident, your insurance will be higher.

  • Trump Care is cancer

    Why on earth would you vote for an inexperienced candidate in the first place? Donald Trump will only prove that he will worsen the USA in all areas, so please do your self and your family a favor by suggesting flee the USA for Canada, because all of Donald Hitler Trump's idea's are only safe for the rich.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Of course, Trump wants to get rid of Obamacare. Who wants a health plan that has proven to help people anyway? Republicans have become utter parodies of themselves. Many here would love to have it. Unfortunately, some don't get how it works or care that it would really help many people, including them. It's all about the politics here...sigh.

  • Trump's healthcare plan is not an improvement

    Donald Trump's healthcare plan is not an improvement over Obamacare. His major proposals consist of offering to merely allow plans to sell across state lines, fully deduct health insurance premiums, and use Health Savings Accounts, None of his proposals get to the crux of the matter, which is the high cost of care.

  • Trump Plan Would Raise Costs

    Trump is notorious for not having a concrete plan about any policies at all. His health plan would raise costs and make it much worse for people who cannot afford healthcare. It might not make a difference to the rich because they have enough money to not have to worry about something like that.

  • No, it is a disaster.

    Trumps health plan would only benefit the very weatlhy and the heath insurance companies. There was starting to be some real progress in health care in this country and and the gap between the poor and the 1% was starting to get smaller, but if Trump is elected this will reverse.

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