Is Trump's Presidential proposal to remove citizenship from those born of immigrant parents biased against ethnic groups of low income?

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  • No, it's biased against

    Illegal immigrants who came here illegally, in defiance of our borders and laws, who manipulate the system with an anchor baby for a buffet of freebies , whose vast and growing numbers are costing taxpayers many billions $ annually that we can't sustain, who drive down wages and job availability for legal citizens, etc.

  • No, it's based on the long held premise that criminals should not benefit from their illegal acts

    The part of the 14th amendment dealing with citizenship to those born here was specifically intended to grant citizenship to slaves after the Civil War - the Supreme Court has never ruled whether such a grant would apply to those who technically "invaded" the US and were here illegally - by all rational thought it should NOT!! Those here illegally should not benefit in anyway from their action - that includes having any baby they drop here becoming an automatic citizen and giving them a hook to stay here.

    Even if you believe the children of illegals should be automatic citizens - deport the whole family (isn't not wanting to break up the family the anchor baby argument) and when the child becomes 18 they can go to a US embassy for a passport and return to the US by themselves

  • Not at all.

    "Anyone who is not a legal citizen of the United States will be vacated" is not singling out anyone of any race. If it happens that most of the illegal immigrants are minorities, then too bad for them. That has nothing to do with race, maybe they shouldn't have come to the country illegally. It's bad enough western countries are blindly accepting all these Muslim immigrants.

  • It is biased against immigrants not ethnic groups

    This proposal is intended to remove the citizenship of children born in the US to either temporary or illegal migrants. It can be argued whether or not this is the right thing to do but migrants are not necessarily from ethnic minorities or from low income families, although it is usually the case.

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