• If done right it would be good

    Doing this could supply jobs for Americans and help to solve unemployment. But as far as stopping illegal immigration it will slow it but it will not completely stop it. But it will help the country if they employ Americans if they were to hire the immigrants to get cheaper labor then it will just make the problem worse.

  • Yes, and here's why...

    It is a good idea because many other countries have it. We could easily cut out money from countless things that we are wasting money on. At least the wall would help if an invasion were to happen. Illegal immigrants are a cancer to the U.S and leech off of the taxpayers of this country. If they want a better life, then they should work on making their country better, not coming over to ruin ours more than it is. They can also influence elections by convincing people to vote for certain candidates, as well as voting fraud.

  • It's a National Requirement

    I would encourage everyone to read the vacuous, inane, and empty explanations of the individuals that voted no on this question. These are a collection of exceptionally poor, vague, and uninformed opinions. The United States of America is a nation with borders and there's nothing unreasonable in constructing a wall to impede a crisis of half a million illegal crossings a year that have brought maybe as many as 30 million people illegally into the country through the most crossed border in the entire world. Of the 20,000 border patrol employees and a fraction of those being on actual patrol, they're responsible for manning 19,000 miles of border and a suitable wall would definitely impede the flow of illegals. The border patrol further has to check the 5 million or so trucks and other vehicles crossing every year. I reject without hesitation the notion that the US must remain subservient to foreign nationals defying its laws and sovereignty on a daily basis and on a massive scale. The opposition is essentially making a national argument that Americans has no right to say who enters their property or resides on it while nullifying the entire process of obtaining US citizenship. The two major political parties are motivated primarily by: Democrats are seeking to import millions of overwhelmingly poor, illiterate voters to enhance their political power while Republicans welcome the endless supply of cheap labor. This is a choice between national security and national suicide. The estimated cost of illegal immigration is $113 billion and a wall would cost about one percent of it.

  • Waste of money, and won't work.

    A wall of this size would cost way more money than it would save. Not to mention the costs of maintaining it. And most illegal immigrants don't even get into the country by walking through the border, most take planes like everyone else, and there will be a lot more on planes if a wall was built.

  • Massive waste of money that won't keep immigrants out anyway

    The wall would be insanely expensive to build and maintain and it wouldn't even do it's basic job of keeping immigrants and drugs out. Most illegal immigrants come to The United States legally and their visas just expire without them leaving. Also, people have indeed constructed tunnels under the border fence to get drugs across. A wall won't stop that. It's a massive dumb thing that won't do it's main purpose and it's ridiculously expensive. Don't do it Trump, just don't.

  • Investments for the wall and more

    This project would cost more than NASA's trip to the moon and would take $ 150 million dollars every year to repair for a 10 ft tall wall, also it would be totally useless they could climb over it, dig over it and the #1 way terrorists get into america fly over it!

  • Totally useless in many ways

    He is just gonna steal our taxes and build a wall instead of helping our Air Force, Navy, Army. People´s lives will be lost because he is gonna steal the money needed for food and medicine for the poor. Even though it give more people jobs we have police that can defend our country!!!

  • Why not invest in securing safe drinking water?

    A congressional building had to close due to lead contaminated water. This is a big problem due to america's aging infrastructure. If the congress cannot drink tap water, what does that say for the rest of america? Its a big probem that undoubtly will receive future major news coverage. It will create more jobs and fix a problem that is more disturbing then " job stealing illegal immigrants"... I understand that people want jobs, but a massive wall to encroach cheap labor is expensive and stupid as well as futile ... Excuse my unedited grammar and sentence structure...

  • They will find another way

    Even if the Trump administration can pull off such a task then the question still remains intact. Wouldn't the immigrants just find another way in? We live in a society that is extremely innovative and hardworking. So discovering a way into a country, a loophole, is most definitely child's play.

  • Unfair to Everyone

    First of all, how would they get the money? I doubt Trump would pay for it because it is "for America" so we would have to pay more taxes. Plus, it would take over Americas land because obviously, Mexico would not allow us to build a wall there so it would take over Americans property. What is so wrong with immigrants? If they are looking for a better life why are we so cruel to refuse that right to them?

  • Waste of money!

    Building a giant wall to "keep all immigrants out" is completely absurd! This wall would cost more money than it's worth. It will not stop immigrants from coming into this country. It is a very dumb idea, and there are more important things in America that we could be focusing on.

  • It is not a good idea

    Trump administration should think about other ways of reducing illegal immigration to US. This wall will not keep illegal immigrants out from US and will be a waste of money. Moreover, I don't think that a country that considers itself as "the best democracy of the world" should built a wall like that. That's my point of view !

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