• Late games is quite fucked

    CCing him in team fights means nothing when it takes all of the enemy teams cc to keep him the fuck out of the team fight. And no this is coming from someone who has only played tryndamere, i have no problem vrsing them, bronze life. Ive seen tryndameres in bronze and ive seen him in plat. Legit all tryndamere needs is for his immunity to be removed or at least nerf it, its 5 fucking seconds man...... Taric immunity is 2.5 ...... Thats like dodging one combo..........

  • Coming from a Trynd main

    Yeah he is broken lol. That's why I play him. He isn't unbeatable though, some champs shut him down too hard if they hit their stuff, like morgana binding ruins his day. Pantheon or Teemo or Kennen clunters him in lane very hard. And nasus is just stupidly impossible to kill past 15 minutes.

  • Trynd. Is broken AF

    Tryndamere can easily 3 shot you. Build attack speed, and damage, and youre done. If you build lifesteal, dmg, and A/S, you have an invincible champ. Also, Trynd can just press his E, and chase you down, and youre dead. His passive is op w/ a/s because you have faster crits. Riot, plz nerve

  • How can anyone say he isn't...

    He is just way too crazy. He has base crit chance that can go up to 30% which is a lot if you think about it. He has infinite sustain, high mobility, and CC, all with using no resources. There is not any champion or hero from any other MOBA game that has what Tryndamere has. He honestly needs a rework because he is just plain broken and in most cases unfair to lane again. He also can tower dive with little to no consequences.

  • Tryndamere the pwnage.

    This guy is op. His hit points are high, his skills are amazing, and he can even heal. This is very annoying. He can spin away in order to escape, slow people, or just heal himself with his rage. Furthermore, his ult can help turret dive, and survive! Anyone can play tryn, he is definitely broken.

  • Yes, Tryndamere is broken.

    Trydamere seems to have to much hit points for his skills. This makes him broken as he is to hard to kill. He also can move way to fast if he gets the right skills. Tryadamere needs some of his skills reduced in order to level the playing field to something fair.

  • He has a broken kit.

    He has an ultimate that allows him to be invincable for 5 seconds! That is enough time to take someone from full health to none, afterwards he has a heal to allow him to get out of a fight, an engage and disengage with his spin, and also a spin that has a slow and attack speed reduction allowing him to finish you while doing little damage to him!

  • No escape whatsoever

    Sure if you get into a 1v1 with ult you will win but what happens when their jg who was camping in the bush comes and sees you at half healt with no where to go.... SHUT DOWN!
    Also early game is really hard if early opposing dominance is established

  • Not at all

    He is pretty powerful but many champions can be just as good, Wukong can just decoy a ulting tryn then come back and kill him. Don't even get me started on how much teemo can shut him down. Jax can just dodge all auto attacks for 2 seconds then stun. Tryn also needs to farm to say strong, If he gets ganked once or twice before 6 or is zoned from the minions the other champ in lane will just roll right over him.

  • Not at all.

    This is coming from a person who has fought him multiple times and just recently started using him. Is his kit powerful? YES but not broken, every champ has ways of combating other champs, Tryndamere has no leap and his spin range is small. One champion that comes to mind is singed, who can leave a poison effect, while the singed might die odds are so will Tryndamere. Crit Tryndamere can do a lot of damage and while he might kill a person in a team fight that does mean he himself won't die. His ultimate might be powerful but he is unstoppable, just look at Aatrox, who can revive when he dies. Or wukong, decoy away while tryndamere ults then come back and kill him.

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