• Try Self Researching

    I hate when people who don't know Pac say he is dead. All you "experts" need to wise up because you only say this because of your t.V. And you have no idea who Pac was, And I bet you haven't looked into his word. Just like you cry for people to stop saying he is, I cry that you stop saying he isn't. Especially trying to seem smart while doing so.

  • There is more evidence saying he alive, than he is not.

    There is more evidence. Not exactly evidence, it's a hard word. But there is more saying he alive than he is not. It would have been easy for the people in Vegas to get paid off, and realistically, in Vegas, the shooters would have been captured. Another theory is that the police just couldn't be bothered to attempt to capture the shooter because they were racist.

  • Seriously?

    Tupac was shot and killed over 20 years ago. We logically can't say otherwise until concrete evidence is found that proves he faked his death and has been in hiding ever since. That is an extraordinary claim, and extraordinary claims naturally require extraordinary evidence before they can be asserted and believed.

  • No, Tupac is not alive.

    Unfortunately, Tupac passed away almost 20 years ago. There are pictures of his body after he passed away and his funeral was held in California in the 1990s. The rumor that Tupac is still alive has been perpetuated by people who just don't want to believe that the rapper and actor passed away.

  • Tupac Is Not Alive

    Tupac died almost 20 years ago and he is not alive. They had his funeral in California and you can even go online and see pictures of his body after he was shot. Tupac is dead and to say otherwise is absolutely insane in my opinion. If he was alive, someone would have ran into him within the last 20 years.

  • No, Tupac is not alive.

    Tupac was shot. He is dead, not alive. There are too many rumors about stars, celebrities faking their death so they can disappear and have a normal life. How normal can it be? That is the question. For many years people have struggled with the deaths of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis. Tupac would not leave behind his loved ones in such a matter.

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