• Yes, it is really hard to solve.

    I believe his death is hard to solve because it was fist just written off as gang type violence. Nobody actually knows the specific reason behind him being shot. I think people should have put more effort into what was going on before his death and the moments after he had passed away, so they can actually get the full story of how and why he died.

  • It could go both ways however.

    Most people who don't know the story of his death (and life) in its entirety are likely to say that is an easy case and/or blame his murder purely on the fact that he was a rapper and that his "lifestyle" lead to his killing. But that is a very short-sighted way to think about the situation. It is worth going further into as opposed to just writing it off as gang violence.

  • No, probably not.

    Tupac's death is probably fairly easy to solve. Many artist within his genre and who act in a certain way go through some pretty straight forward and easy to explain encounters. Many of them deal with guns, and drugs, and all sorts of bad stuff. I would imagine someone living that lifestyle would die from something along those lines.

  • I can explain his whole life word for word.

    I don't need a supporting argument if I'm 100 % correct. I can tell you his whole life from start to end to start again through his music or I can explain it in old testament style for the hearing impaired. Regardless what I decide I get to use my own tactics to explain how simple and crooked this art of life can really be. #ThugLife

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