• Turkey is a democracy

    Turkey was a military dictatorship. That leadership has since been removed, and elections held. With the support of surrounding countries, it has developed into a democracy, but it is shaky. The elections are riddled with accusations of corruption and rigging. However, the system that they currently have is working. The most recent instability was apparent with the arrests of several military officers accused of conspiracy.

  • Turkey is a democracy

    Turkey is a democracy because it is based on western values and has been so for more than a hundred years. It goes gone through many reformations, but it is very little based on the Islamic religion. I believe Turkey could be a good indicator for other Arabic countries to follow. A democracy should always have good values instilled, and be able to function well at the core of its government ideology and ideas.

  • They are strong.

    Yes, Turkey is a democracy, because they have elections. For the most part, their elections appear to be free. That people in Turkey have very conservative views, especially when it comes to a woman's place in society, does not mean that they do not have a true democracy, because they do.

  • One of the Few Stable Muslim Countries

    Turkey is one of the most stable Muslim countries in the world and is the closest thing to a democracy for a country filled mostly with followers of Islam. Turkey isn't perfect and is partly European and partly Middle Eastern. Yet Turkey is a democracy and should probably be included in the European Union eventually.

  • It might be, but there are still doubts.

    Well, some parts of Turkey like "Capital" that the population is located might be democratic, but if you want to go further toward eastern regions, there you might still see prejudices and far from democracy and is absolutely related to the life style and the way that those people in those area think and also religion.

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