• Yes,TV is a health hazzard

    The rays T.V s produce can affect our eye which is the most sensitive organ system in our body.Moreover many people favor to watch T.V rather than playing sports which will lead to obesity which has a great effect on our health.
    All in all it definitly has heath dissadvantages.

  • TV Health Hazard

    Television can be a health hazard for many viewers, especially those that are glued to the screens. Watching too much television leads to weight gain, mental lapes, and other nasty side effects. Of course, the average person doesn't watch that much television, but some people take it to the next level and become addicted.

  • Yes and no.

    TV can be used in many different ways making it hard to say one way or another if it is bad for someones health or not. In one stance a person who does nothing but watches TV will be worse off. But someone who uses TV to exercise too would be fine.

  • Yes, it promotes a sedentary life.

    Yes, TV is a health hazard, because people spend hours watching tv instead of exercising. It's not that television by itself is hazardous, but when people spend their days sitting on their rear ends watching television instead of moving, their health declines. Television promotes a sedentary lifestyle that reduces the health of people who spend too much time watching it.

  • Not physical, but mental.

    Each evening, I try to watch the evening news to catch up on what's been happening lately. I get through the first segment, but then come the ads. All medicine ads, at least a minute long, with side effects like pain, redness, death, and increased chance of stroke. You might have a better survival chance taking cyanide than these products. It makes me so mad that I feel like screaming "NOBODY'S GOING TO EVER BUY YOUR PRODUCT!!!!!", then putting an axe through the TV. I tend not to even make it through the first 2 segments before raging too hard and turning off the TV. It has made me the rage monster that I am today, filling my head with annoying slogans and theme songs.

  • Tv can be but isn't

    No television is not a health hazard. 98% of Americans enjoy television as entertainment and it does not affect their health. There may be a very small percentage that have it affect their health but this is much more an exception then a rule. In normal use televisions do not affect your health.

  • It is not.

    TV is in no way, shape or form a health hazard. What is a health hazard is the food that people eat and the exercise that they do not do. People choose to watch TV instead of doing thing that are better for their health, making TV an indirect cause to bad health.

  • As long as it isn't abused;

    I think television can become a reason why someone may eventually become overweight or generally unhealthy, because they are just sitting around watching TV. That being said, as long as people don't watch too much TV, and still get a decent amount of exercise in, they should be fine to watch.

  • No, I do not believe that TV is a health hazard.

    I do not believe that TV is a health hazard and know of no studies that would indicate that the TV that is in nearly every home in this country is a object of health concerns for the majority of the population. The idea that the amount of time one individual should spend viewing the TV is a different matter of concern on many peoples part.

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