• Bannanas are sex toys

    Okay now that ive got your attention, let me state some obvious facts.
    Most kids channels aren't entirely meant for KIDS. And some ADULT channels are near the kid channels and most shows don't give a positive message. Therefore, it s a negative influence. BASIC FACTS. I mean, this is completely oblivious, you haven't noticed this? Go ahead and check.

  • Yes, television is a negative influence on people.

    Television definitely has a negative influence on people. Hollywood tries to "push the envelope" with what is allowed, because people find it entertaining and are more likely to watch. People pick up what they see and hear on television, and some of it is completely inappropriate (such as relationships with coworkers while on the job, foul language, etc.). It can especially have a negative influence on children, who emulate adults and want to fit in. Of course, it depends on what you choose to watch. Not all television programming has a negative impact.

  • The Ads Are

    I believe the worst thing about TV and the most influential part of TV is the advertising. I believe the effects of advertising on TV do make the medium a bad influence. These ads make people feel as though they must comsume and purchase items they truly do not need.

  • Yes it is a negative influence.

    T.V. is a negative influence on many people in toady's society. People seem to have a hard time separating fake from reality, and seem to think that the shows they see on T.V. are actually real life, influencing them to do negative things and thinking that they are ok because they have witnessed them on t.v.

  • It Just doesnt

    It just doesn't... Lolololv ololo lolo lolo lol ol ol o lo lo l ol o lo l o l o l l ol l o l ol o lo lo l ol o ol o lo l ol o lo lo o lo l ol o llo lo lol

  • It all depends on what you insist on watching...

    Watching TV does not affect you negatively, unless you cooperate watching inappropriate things, but there are news and many more which support education. Secondly, TV was meant to entertain you, getting all the stress out especially for hard working adults as such. Moreover, I strongly disagree with the statement that TV is negative influence. Yes, I understand children may intend to watch more hours of TV than permitted but that is something that parents or guardians should teach the kids. Plus, some kids have visual studying in another words, they are able to work hard and study(revise) when looking or watching things.Thank you, due to some of my reason I say that TV is not a negative influence...

  • TV is not bad.

    Saying that TV is a negative influence does not make sense considering you are not taking in all the facts that TV has to offer. There are plenty of shows and educational channels that can prove to be beneficial to the people watching it. We only consider the entertaining and dramatic shows when it comes to television which is why you might consider it bad. It is up tot he person who watching that determines if they choose to be influenced by what they see.

  • TV is not a negative influence.

    TV is not a negative influence. It all depends on what you are watching and how long you are watching it. TV gives people a chance to unwind and motivates people to look at the world differently through another perspective. I think a little TV every now and then is good for the mind but I do not think parents should allow TV to become a babysitter.

  • No, it just needs to be taken in moderations.

    TV is not a negative influence, especially with the vast amount of options we have at our disposal to watch. A kid can watch a show that helps than learn to read and count, which is a good thing and not negative at all. Watching regular shows help others unwind from work as well and relieve stress. The key is just to not watch too much.

  • TV is what you allow it to be

    Once again this is a question of choice. If you chose to watch questionable shows T.V will effect you negatively. Even with shows that are catagorized as "violent", "Sexually Themed" ect are protected by the first amendmant. Getting upset at the influences of television is like getting upset at a mirror because you don't like the image.

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