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  • TV viewing is good for children

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  • TV is good for kids.

    TV is good for kids. It all depends on what they are watching and how long they are watching it. Some tv programs can be beneficial to kids for example Sesame Street. However, I do not agree that allowing a television to baby sit children is good. I think it should be up to the parents to monitor how much and what the kids are watching.

  • Yes but it depends what you watch

    Television can be good for kids and it can also be very bad for kids. If you let them watch violent shows it is not going to help kids. If you let them watch educational programs then yes it can help in their development. Television is what you make of it.

  • TV Can Be An Asset

    I believe TV can be a good think for children. There are many show, programs, and films; made with children in mind and many that target specific age groups. When you look at shows like Yo Gabba Gabba, The Magic School Bus, etc. it is clear that TV can be valuable for children.

  • Kids shoudl not watch t.V

    KIds should not watch t.V because there wasting their time on doing something that not productive. You could have been reading or playing out side and staying fit or you could have been reading a book. Instead of watching t.v. Your eyes can get really weak as well. So don’t watch t.V kids or else you will have no life

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  • TV is not good for kids.

    Television is not good for kids because it prevents them from studying and socializing with people their age. Kids should not be forced to work all the time, but they should also learn to make friends. They should do outdoor activities that will let them exercise and keep them fit.

  • TV isn't good for anyone

    There are "better" options for children's programs, and there are educational programs, but overall children would be better off without TV. It's mostly entertainment and should be viewed in small doses. As parents, we sometimes use it as a babysitter, or a diversion when we need to get something done, but it is not a substitute for true learning, interaction or play.

  • Not for the most part

    While a little bit of television is OK for kids, I don't think they should spend a lot of time watching it. They learn from everything they see around them, including how people on shows and movies act. They may not realize that what they see on tv is fake and get it confused with real life. They may learn some really bad habits off of it. Plus it can help them to become lazy, so no, I don't think TV is good for kids.

  • It depends on the programming, but in general it's harmful.

    Unfortunately, there is potential for TV to beneficial to kids in small doses. In reality, it's more harmful than good. TV watching is a passive event in which kids are not using their brains/creativity. TV programming and commercials tend to fool kids into buying products (like junk food) that is very harmful to them.

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