• Tv is great for entertainment

    Although the tv has replaced books in the modern day world, tvs have found ways to revive books as well. The ebook for example, can be read off of a tv, or rather a display which is highly similar to the tv. The Tv is also good for a variety of other purposes, such as karaoke, and picture viewing.

  • There are advantages

    Besides the foolishness that is currently being premiered on TV it is not all bad. Without it we not be able to get our favorite TV shows or view news broadcasting from across the globe about serious issues. I believe that everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Not bad but not good either.

  • TV is a distraction for today's youth.

    As many documentaries have shown, TV has decreased the significant intelligence of the human mind. Sure, viewing for news or viewing for a short and limited time, you might not notice a sudden drop. However, I've seen children being glued to the television, as if they were brainwashed! It is certainly disturbing! I believe TV in moderation is an action many people should start looking into. I also believe television influences a lot of people decisions in real life. The number of advertisements are also examples of how your own thoughts and ideas can be bought by things you don't need. So I conclude my thoughts with the opinion that I do believe TV is okay as long as it is in moderation, and doesn't rule your life.

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