• Influence is a very dangerous thing.

    . Influence from anything and anyone can cause someone to do something. For example, parents always complain that their kids are violent due to video games or watching too much tv. That might just be true. How? Well, even though the tv doesn't kill anyone, it still plants the idea of guns in the minds of kids because for them, guns look cool and for them it might be dope to have one or even use one.
    In my own school, even the teenagers envy the 'Kadet Polis' (I live in Malaysia) in my school just because they can hold guns, the envious kids don't want to participate in other of the unit's activities BESIDES holding a gun. It's kind of scary to hear stuff like that from teenagers.
    I'll take another example, myself. I admit when i was a child, i dreamt of having an arsenal of weapons in my house when i grew bigger after watching the tv show Power Rangers. I didn't know the guns were fake so i've always wondered "How cool would it be to have a gun like that," and all i thought about the use of the gun is to kill people, yes, i thought that by killing people it would decrease crime or help people, but when i grew older, i realised that there are more ways than violence to solve a problem.
    This might seem off topic but just bear in mind, if terrorists can influence their followers to kill themselves without forcing them, why not tv which implies that violence is good, just ask your kids which one they find better, action or comedy?

  • Both are potentially dangerous, though in different ways

    Guns are direct tools of murder and destruction, allowing for crime and chaos that would not exist had they not been present. However, an excess of television, by both encouraging laziness and by stunting mental growth, can destroy both the physical health and future of the nation. First, watching television is a sedentary activity. This limits the amount of calories burnt, encourages overeating, and promotes repeated viewings. This, combined with it's propensity to be used as a stress reliever, contributes to diabetes, obesity and heart disease, among other ailments. Second, recent reasearch (http://www.Dailymail.Co.Uk/health/article-2537240/Children-watch-TV-damaged-brain-structures.Html) shows that television viewing can hamper intellectual development in children, thus reducing a nation's native talent. Finally, television can be used to promote dangerous ideas- including the use of firearms. The saturation of television stations with political ads during the American election season is perfect evidence of it's persuasiveness, which can easily be turned.

  • Wow

    It makes me sad that this is a question. TV can put some bad ideas in your head, sure. It can't carry them out. A gun can. There's a much more elaborate "no" to be had here than that, but that's where it ultimately ends. I weep knowing there are gun nuts that will be arguing yes, considering I saw the head of the NRA literally by name blame Mortal Kombat for mass shootings.

  • No

    TVs are just an element of our culture. Although it is true that the violence of our culture is communicated through television, this culture is present all around of us. Guns are the direct tools used to cause the damage of these shootings so they are more dangerous by default, although they are not the objects that motivate bad actors.

  • Guns Are More Dangerous Than TV

    Guns are Definitely more dangerous than television. There is plenty of gore and violence on the tube, but nobody dies from watching television. At least not as much as people do from guns. Even if there is violence on tv, most people are smart enough to know that it is fictional and that guns can kill people.

  • Has a TV ever killed anyone?

    Dozens of studies have been conducted over the past half century that have shown no causal link between violence on TV and violence in real life. On the contrary, studies have demonstrated that even children are able to differentiate between real right and wrong, and fictionalized violence.

    Guns, on the other hand, serve close to a singular purpose: to hurt or kill. While they may be used in self defense, this is often not the case. Looking at gun violence statistics around the world we can see that many times there is a correlation between gun ownership levels and homicide.

    Has a TV ever killed anyone? Outside of a freak accident, likely not.

    Posted by: SMT

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