• Yes, as a business outlet.

    I have noticed the potential of commercialization for Twitter, which is some peoples main source of social media. This outlet creates a market of consumers that are less affected by the facebook media. It has a lot of potential, and is the best way to send out as much advertising you want, in a series of 140 characters or less. In a society where people are becoming more and more lazy, they want to read as little a blurb as possible no matter what it may be about.

  • Considering ideas like Facebook, Google, Tesla, and Pandora, absolutely yes.

    I do believe there is such a thing as a "stock that cannot fail". There's a genre of publicly traded stocks that have such a sustained reputation of being absolutely critical to being in the "in crowd" that the stocks of the companies, even if they are in every practical manner a dud of a company (i.E. Negative earnings, low revenue), will command ridiculous valuations. Just look up TSLA to get an example of a company with zero profit commanding ridiculous stock prices. Twitter promises to be such a stock.

  • It has no Value

    All twitter does is allow people to comment on their lives - in the inane belief that other people desire to know what they had for breakfast etc.

    How can this have any value to anyone with an ounce of brain power?

    Celebrities use this to contact their fans, then scream for privacy!!

  • Waist of Time

    We have so many social medias why have another one. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, Myspace. Don't you think taking one of those away being twitter we would have a better social outcome for our people. The rate of people killing themselves due to bulling would decrease. Sure Twitter is nice i guess but you can also tweet things that could get you in trouble, you can get hacked, people can find personal information about you.

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