Twitter is better than fb because there are too many "wanna-be". People are so desperate for so many likes on their picture they're willing to do anything. On fb when people update their status too much it gets really annoying but where as twitter you can update your tweets so much and there wouldnt be a problem because that is what twitter is for. There are also pages such as "like for god or scroll down for the devil" or "like or your mom will die tonight", like is my mom really going to die if i dont like it, i know not "liking" something wont determine my mom's future; THE THIRST IS REAL! Facebook is just for all those desperate people who think getting likes on their picture and status will make them become famous, wrong.

  • Voicing an Opinion

    Twitter is better because you can voice your opinion a little better, and most of the time people don't bother you as much about it. Whereas on FaceBook almost everyone has something to say about everything you post. What I hate about FaceBook is that people like to start a lot of drama, whereas on Twitter it's your space to do what you want with it, which is the same with FaceBook, but more people are likely to say something about your post of FaceBook. I love Twitter, and I have gotten all of my friends to make one. (:

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  • Twitter by far

    Facebook is a popularity contest, people post cringe-worthy selfies and pointless sentences for the sake of a few likes, most people on their add anyone as friends which defeats the object. Another good Facebook feature is talking to people from the past, but after the initial "how are you?" "what you up to now?" conversation their is nothing more to say. Facebook is for nosey people to stalk people they have no interest in on a day to day basis, and for shallow people to post look at me pictures in the need for compliments and attention.

    None of the above occurs on Twitter which it makes it better. Twitter is also much better for following news and discussing sports.

  • Freedom of expression

    Twitter is better than Facebook for 1 simple reason, you have more freedom to post what you want, when you want. Facebook doesn't allow nudity or porn, which is understandable up to a point because children may have access to it. However, it's a parent's responsibility to make sure their kids are not exposed to it, it's not yours. Yes, not everyone wants to see nudity and porn, but some people do, and they should not be prevented from doing so just because it offends you. On Facebook, you have no freedom of speech or expression, on Twitter you have all that and more

  • Y e s

    It is time. Its time to stop. It is time to stop. Where are your parents. Who are your parents. It is time. Its time to stop. Stop. Stop now. I will send you to a jail. It is time . Yes. It is time now. The time is now. Its time to stop.

  • Y e s

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  • Y e s

    It is time. Its time to stop. It is time to stop. Where are your parents. Who are your parents. It is time. Its time to stop. Stop. Stop now. I will send you to a jail. It is time . Yes. It is time now. The time is now. Its time to stop.

  • Twitter is much better and let me tell you why

    Twitter is much better because sgullum uses twitter and sgullum hates facebook. If you don't know sgullum just serach up sgullum on google. Once you see sgullum you will never forgot her. Sgullum goes on twitter everyday and loves it to death she tells me. Also sgullum loves the little bird as the logo

  • Twitter is way better

    I love Twitter. I have had mine for over 2 years and it is great. I love how involved people are in the hashtags on Twitter, and I don't see that as much on Facebook. I also like how post lengths are limited on Twitter. Plus, the timeline on Twitter is more controllable. The other day I was added into a groupchat with a famous movie star whom I love and I can add more people if I want. Twitter really benefits my everyday needs.

  • Facebook is deeper

    Facebook pages show the picture without you having to click a link first. To me thats a deal breaker. You can comment in depth and its just more of a serious thoughtful environment whereas twitter is just too trivial. Twitter rarely has an interesting article and its a giant popularity contest. You can't follow all the people you want to follow or your ratio will be an embarrassment.

  • 140 characters only at tweeter ...

    140 characters are there in tweeter only and in face book we can post any amount of words.

    It clearly shows that face book is better than tweeter.
    While we can create groups also in face book not in tweeter. Friend finding is also simple than tweeter.

    Facebook is the best!!

  • Twitter is not Better than Facebook

    No, Twitter is not better than Facebook. Both social networks are used for different reasons and have their different uses and places. Twitter is used for quick, off the cuff assessments or quips. Facebook, on the other hand, is used for chatting and sharing more in-depth conversations with people which one wishes to keep in touch.

  • Facebook is better than Twitter

    Facebook is better than Twitter because anything you can do on Twitter you can do on Facebook however not everything you can do on Facebook you can do on Twitter. This is why Facebook is so much better than Twitter. I have 3 accounts on Facebook and 2 accounts on Twitter. So I know.

  • They are both equally stupid.

    Both are a huge waste of time and are rarely productive. "I had sushi today. YUMMM!"..... WHO CARES. Yes, some good things come out of them but for the most part it is teenagers avoiding doing homework and trying to waste time. It makes it much less exciting to see people you don't see very often because you see their posts all day.

  • Twitter Less Diverse

    When comparing Twitter and Facebook, Facebook clearly has more diversity. While "tweeters" can only post simple sentences, links, or pictures, Facebook allows friends to interact through games and apps. When posting something on Facebook, a person can easily tag a person or a page by simply typing the name of the person or page and Facebook's system will automatically provide suggestions for the person to easily find the right tag to use. Meanwhile, when trying to "tweet" something on Twitter, hashtags are not easily provided like Facebook. Instead, a person must memorize the right spelling of a person or page's identification.

  • I think the advantages are an illusion

    I think that the issue many people are having with Facebook is just how common it has become. Many people have their mother, father, grandmother, etc on Facebook and the drama that ensues from those people seeing their the entire scope of their life is stressful. Although with the proper management of security settings, this can be avoided. Or just not accepting requests from those people and keeping them out of your bubble. Twitter is a large social networking site, but the vast majority of its users are 17 to 26. Minimizing the family drama that goes along with Facebook.

  • Facebook is good.

    Twitter is quite bad, I don't use it anymore because I am smart now, but I know that some people will always be dumb and stuff and continue to use twitter, also I am typing this argument as if I were in fact a twit twat twitter user and things.

  • Facebook is totes better.

    Facebook has games while Twitter does not. Ya ya ya ay ya ayaayayyayayavb j j j j j j j jj j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j jj j j j j j j j j j jj j jj j

  • Doc Told Me

    When I was in Hill Valley yesterday a weird old man told me that since I used Twitter he told me that I had affected the Space Time Continuum was broken and that there was going to be Ben Affleck as Batman. I cried all night and the Doc helped me through the pain. He said we could always fix it as long as I stole the platinum from the libyans. So I agreed now where off the change the future.

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