Is Typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines man-made?

Asked by: Samarleyte
  • Yes, this is a constitutionally fundamental right

    Absolutely US citizens should be allowed to own guns. It was a provision put in place by the founding fathers to protect against foreign invasion. If the entire populace is armed as well as the military and police forces, then an invading force would have a much harder time taking the country. Additionally, if citizens are not armed, the only people carrying weapons will be criminals and police.

  • Typhoons Have Been Ocurring For Millions of Years

    Despite our strongest desires, man has not yet been able to harness the power of weather. The fact that temperatures have been rising cannot be causally linked to any isolated weather event. Typhoons and other storms have been occurring since before human beings existed and are likely to continue after we're gone.

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