• Typing is faster!

    I think typing is more important because typing is very useful. As everyone knows, Typing are used in many jobs and I think that explains to most of us that how typing is important. But for those who don’t agree with, I have another opinion. Most of us are using smartphones and those who does uses typing! So without typing, You won’t be able to use your smartphone. Also the jobs that are becoming popular needs typing like programmers.

  • This is the Information Age!

    More and more digital documents are being used, Which makes typing widely used. More and more people depend on computers, So they must learn how to type. Therefore, That makes typing important, Even more important than handwriting, Which is slower and preserved shorter.
    Also, We don't need to remember what we type unless it's very important. What you type is stored in the computer so you won't need to remember.

  • No! Writing things by hand is so much faster.

    It is proven by psychologists that writing things down helps you remember them, So it has its benefits. It also might be faster to type for some people, But not for everyone. Also, Typing is not more important, I think they both have their benefits, Typing is faster but writing helps you remember.

  • Handwriting makes you remember and is better for motor skills.

    Handwriting makes you remember and is better for motor skills. It allows you to use your hands, And also be able to use the skills you need in other areas of life. Also, It is known that handwriting things gives you a better memory of what it is you are writing.

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