• Yes, less and less people are separating from God.

    Especially the younger generations. Since most young parents are not teaching their children morals anymore, we should not be surprised that God is not introduced into their lives either.
    "The fool says in his heart,
    “There is no God.”
    They are corrupt, their deeds are vile;
    there is no one who does good."
    Psalm 14:1

  • Statistically speaking, yes

    People are fed up of lies. Simple, people have answers to questions they didn't have only 100 years ago, and they are disappointed by promises religion gives them daily. Prayers don't work, children get molested, religious people are usually homophobes and racists, they see what religion has done in the past and suddenly, the light of religion is fading away. Suddenly the whole comfort and the promise of heaven isn't enough to excuse the horrors of religion

  • I disagree. Belief in God is not declining.

    I disagree. Belief in God is not declining. However, belief in an orthodox Christian God is eroding. That much I do agree with. As people in the United States become greater educated and religious diversity takes a firmer foothold, views of God will diversify. Atheism has made a little headway in the country over the last decade or so, but I don't believe atheism will be all that satisfying to most Americans, partly because of our hyper-competitive culture and disappointing wages. Instead dogmas about God will become more diverse to satisfy personal needs.

  • Education and globalization.

    The higher the average level of education of a people, the lower their average religiosity. As the United States gains a higher proportion of college educated citizens, the rate of belief in deities will continue to drop.
    Globalization and the internet also aided this- the ability to be exposed to new information, and to people from all over the world with different perspectives, means that younger generations no longer simply accept the beliefs they were taught by their parents. Instead, they seek out a variety of information to form their own belief structure. In the US this has led to steeply declining religiosity in the younger generations.

    Of course, the fact that there is SOME (not all, as atheists are still the most hated group in America according to the Pew Forum) decrease in the stigma attached to being nonreligious, and we have more recourse from discrimination than we used to.

  • Yes it is..

    Yep, less and less people are becoming religious because today's society doesn't teach children that anymore, most of the Christians in America don't even mention the word "religion" anymore. Most of my family call themselves Catholics, but they barely show it since the last time they went to Church was 2 years ago for a wedding (And they went to a Greek Orthodox Church cause they didn't know which one to go to meanwhile they are Catholic lololol) so yep there you go, its sad.

  • Unfortunately people in the US are more often without god

    There is not a relevance as to whether god exists or not and belief in one. It doesn't matter if god does not exist and I believe, I have just believed in something beyond myself that turned out not to exist. On the other hand people in the US often believe that their is no god. The problems with this are numerous. To begin with, god is a good influence on the country. Unfortunately, belief in god in the US is declining, which is why values in America are also declining.

  • Yes, the belief in God is declining.

    As science and reasoning continue to improve the belief in God has decreased. It is about time. Physics and logic provide ample reason for people to understand that there is no God. The sheep are starting to understand that religion is just a way to control people. This is creating a lot of Atheists.

  • This New World..

    I say without the shadow of doubt, folks today do not value "GOD", as they once did. I would never make an arguement for or against his existence. Today though, I feel people are leaning more towards the simplicity of "right & wrong", and this to me is always welcomed.

  • Falling from glory

    Young Americans have been won over by secular humanism and wandered down the destructive path of godlessness. Apart from religion though, other fundamental elements of the country are changing. Other great attributes of the country are also on the decline. The economy is weak and owes too much money to China (China will likely take the lead in becoming the biggest economy in the near future). People have lost faith in the government. Politics is corrupted. The media is biased and often misinforms the public.

    America no longer leads the rest of the world with the brilliance of before. Could all this be connection to America losing religion?

  • Science is Increasing

    As people understand how the world works and how much it contradicts everything in the bible, they lose belief in the magic sky god. It's amazing to see that people are losing the primitive beliefs of ancient sand people. I can't wait for the day that religion is totally dead.

  • Depends on your view of God

    Many statistics of zeal in a social group is based on religious attendance and proclaiming oneself to a currently recognized religion according to whatever the pollster may be. From my own experience most people believe in God to some extent. Many people are Ignostic which means they believe in a diety, but not in any religious viewpoint and may or may not believe in an afterlife. I don't believe Athiesm is as prevalent as many Americans think. The belief in God is simply changing, but not degrading.

  • Not to the most part

    In the United States in this present generation, unlike in previous generations, it is a growth in public and political opposition the has seen an increase, not the wavering or desertion from faith in God. Of course, the average person opposed to Christianity will scarcely admit that the reason that our youth are less religious in public decorum is that their faith is villified in our educational institutions. Funny that the term university means literally unity in diversity, and all worldviews are acceptable except for Christianity. Tolerance at that level seems pretty selective if you ask me, and what's more, hypocritical. Faith in God has not declined, it has been forced into private observation.

  • Membership in religious organizations is declining

    However - I wonder how many of those people still believe in God, and are just fed up with hypocrisy, and materialism, etc. -- I would like to know how they really feel deep down.
    I think that some of them may feel that the BIBLE itself is still relevant for our day, --but just don't see religious organizations following it, as a whole.

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Quan says2013-12-26T18:21:27.713
I would like to say yes. But when the church down the street is in session, such as during Christmas, all the parking spots within 1-2 blocks are filled with their cars, forcing us all to park 2+ blocks away from our houses.
SweetTea says2013-12-31T11:29:48.607
I think it depends on the area of the country that you live in as well as how you were raised. I live in SC, in a small city of about 70,000 people. Since we are situated between Charlotte, NC; Columbia, SC; and Greenville, SC; there is plenty to do. The mountains are 90 minutes away, for hiking and skiing. The coast is 3 hours away, if you want a beach escape. Young people have options. Yet, at the church I attend, we have a large membership between 18 and 35 years of age. Some are married. Some are single. I'd say that about 75% of them are actively involved and attend weekly. Other denominations report similar findings. Obviously, in my area, faith isn't on the decline.