• Yes, the cable news everyday reports horrible events that puts fear in the mind of the audience.

    Cable news today is consistently reporting topics like family murder, theft, rapes, and etc. All this will put fear in the audience because they are constantly absorbing these facts. Eventually some may become paranoid while other simply raise their caution level. Despite the fact that the climate of fear has indeed been created, it is for a good cause, rather than for everyone to simply be ignorant. For example, terrorist attacks are scary, but the people must be warned about it in order to avoid it as much as possible.

  • We're safer than they'd have us think.

    People are terrified because of modern, sensationalistic news reporting. The truth is that violent crime has gone down in recent years and continues to go down. The world is less dangerous than it once was. It's worth talking about the terrible things that happen in the world, but the way that we do it is damaging.

  • Yes, U.S. cable news is fostering a climate of fear.

    Yes, I believe U.S. Cable news is fostering a climate of fear. The problem is that when there is a big news event, such as the Boston bombings, it seems like it is reported around the clock. Graphic pictures are shown which can be frightening. Pretty soon you feel unsafe and that a bombing could happen at any time, anywhere.

  • Yes, cable news fosters fear

    Yes I believe the U.S. Cable news fosters a climate of fear. Regardless of which news program you watch, the majority of the stories are about violent crimes, terrorist acts, or other negative stories. By purposefully focusing on the negative, and mentioning few positive events, the news provides a false sense of fear to the American public.

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