• Drones kill innocents

    Drone use has been known to kill more innocent people than actual "bad guys". These innocents are being slaughtered with OUR tax dollars. The more we allow this to continue, all the more atrocities will be carried out in the the name of the American people. Paid for BY the American people.

  • Drone attack is a human rights violation.

    Drones kill people without a trial.This is a violation of the U.S constitution as well International laws on warfare. Drone attacks are usually carried out without having people on the battlefield. This gives one side unconventional advantage.The worst thing is when it kills wrong people with poor intelligence. When the target is clear, there is still the possibility of innocent bystanders or other unintended casualties. All of these reasons make drone attacks a violation of human rights.

  • Emphatically yes.

    U.S. drone use is indeed a human rights abuse, as civilians suffer horrible consequences as a result of drone use. There is no good reason why the U.S. or any country should attempt to defend or should condone the use of such horrific physical abuse on helpless civilians, regardless what the overall military objective is.

  • No - Abuse only when the target is civilians

    I think that drone use by the United States is okay as long as it is directed on the enemy. When it is not directed on the enemy, it becomes hazardous to civilians and surrounding communities. I think that as long as drone use is used for humanitarian purposes which include protection of the people and destruction of that which would harm people, then drones should be used.

  • No, no more than any act of war

    If we are going to excuse war at all, in any way, shape, or form, then drone use is not a human rights abuse. It could be argued that any act of war is is a human rights abuse since it takes away human life. It's impossible to call out any single act of war in this manner.

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winarta_adisubrata says2014-10-13T08:30:40.307
To kill others inclleuding the innocents is inhumanly 'unacceptabe a le.

As akira kakuzo said more than 100 years ago. 'i am a japanese . What are you ? A Yankee, a donkey, or a monkey ?'