• The US law favors business and investors

    US law favors investors because investors promote business. This gets the support of the population because investors claim they are already being taxed in other places as if the rest of the population doesn't pay multiple taxes. Also they get the support of law by saying things like more lenient laws promote business, but really those people just hoard the money in their bank accounts and don't create jobs.

  • Bias?

    The United States is biased because it favors this industry. Not everyone can invest. You must have a lot of money and own a home and have perfect credit. I know,I have tried and I cannot get in. You must be of elite status and have a filthy rich family or a big bank account. Yes it is biased towards the other 97 percent.

  • Yes, and not just the law.

    It is the entire system and not just the law itself that is biased in favor of the people who own the means of production, and that would be the people we label as "investors." They already get a ridiculous number of breaks and benefit from too many loopholes as it is. We need innovation, but it should come from a more collective place and not just from those who want to profit from others' work.

  • We need to spur investment in our country

    The law should not be biased against someone wanting to invest in fact it should have many incentives to help those wanting to invest in American companies and jobs.

    We should think of creative ways to help people to invest and help keep money here at home and flowing into American business and ideas.

    Creating a bias against investing would further slow our economy.

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