• Yes, Uber helps customers communicate better with the taxi cab service

    Yes, as it helps pedestrians to connect with vehicles for hire anywhere: walking on the street, in their homes or having lunch in a restaurant. It notifies them clearly what transport available for them at any given moment. This is a very ingenious way to connect the customer directly to the provider. Uber is doing very well in today's economy because this is the smart era, where everyone is up to date and moving with the times. I'm sure in months down the line uber will be doing even better than before and help support economies in the future.

  • Yes, Uber seems to be doing very well.

    Customers seem to love Uber, and it is spreading across the world like wildfire. It's much cheaper than a taxi, and the fact that it can be so easily engrained into technology like smartphones makes it even more appealing, particularly to younger people. The fact that so many taxi companies are attempting to sue Uber makes it obvious that they are fearful of a future in which they must compete against Uber.

  • Uber Is Doing Well in Today`s Economy

    Today`s economy conditions help innovative businesses such as Uber to outgrow competition. The smart strategy behind Uber results in lucrative financial results. The company`s appeal towards the new digital age opportunities and the rising smartphone usage brings steady customer flow. The innovative management plans for the future and is heading towards other profitable sectors such as health and pharmacy.

  • Uber has lots of potential

    Uber is doing good and has lots of potential. Not everyone is going to be super profitable right away, but Uber is economically doing fine and will do even better when their service becomes more popular and more widespread. They came up with a useful concept and people are responding.

  • No. Uber will now start to decline.

    Numerous lawsuits all over the world, a growing awareness from the public that the service is poor with badly paid drivers who have questionable insurance, little local knowledge and have to supplement their income with tax credits from the government. In towns such as London, where the traditional Taxi is the gold standard, the poor service from Uber drivers who cannot concentrate on the road as they're too busy looking at their satnavs, the greed and lack of customer care from Uber is thrown into sharp relief. They really are a disgrace.

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