• Uber told drivers in PA that they would pay the fines if they got busted by the police

    That's pretty unethical... Telling your "partners" to continue breaking the law, ignore warnings from the police, and if you do get busted, we'll pay the fines, the tow bill, the impound fees, and the bond to bail you out of jail, because with our latest capital infusion, and the obscene 25 percent commission we charge you just for sending you the equivalent of a text message, we can afford it.

  • Yes, Uber is ethically challenged.

    Uber has done plenty of ethically questionable things lately, from attacking a journalist to blaming the customer. Uber's commercials are rated S for sexist, its drivers are treated as commodities, and its CEO needs a PR campaign. It seems like it belongs in the corporate Hades of Silicon Valley. Other businesses in the area aren't angels. For instance, Apple's suppliers violated labor laws. When will we wake up and hold businesses accountable?

  • Yes, Uber is the most ethically challenged company in Silicon Valley.

    On one hand, many Silicon Valley companies are known for their commitment to providing technology and services that solve problems, help people, and generally contribute to social progress. That said, the needs of competition can lead to some cut-throat practices, and no company better illustrates that facet than Uber. The recent news of their deplorable practices is a huge blemish on the image of Silicon Valley as a hold.

  • Ethically challenged? People don't cut Uber enough slack...

    Uber is a taxi company. They haul people from point a to point b via their phone application. They are getting alot more problems than they should be getting. They are trying to launch their company in other countries in the world, but they aren't getting through the rules and regulations; for a cab company. Now sure, this isn't just a small cab company, but they still shouldn't be blocked out just because of a few things here and there.

  • Uber's Ethic Questions Are No Worse Than Most Other Large Silicon Valley Companies.

    Uber is nothing unique in regards to questions of the company ethics. Most large companies have to face ethical questions about the business practices at some point in the life of the company. Few of them treat those questions with level of concern that the public believes the issues warrants. As a young business, Uber is still having growing pains as a company. Its problems are going to be highlighted, more so than other companies, by the fact the media spotlight has been focused on squarely on the company.

  • Uber is not the most ethically challeneged company in Silicon Valley

    I don't agree that Uber is the most ethically challenged company in Silicon valley. That isn't to say that it's entirely ethical, but there are others in the area that create larger ethical problems. Uber has angered taxi drivers, but it does pay a fair wage and provides a service to the community. It doesn't take away from taxi drivers work, but it does change the way that they obtain their fares.

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