• The government takes us all to be fools and gullible not to mention very easily manipulated. Problem is we are not any of the above.

    Just go online and look for yourself. The advent of cell phones with high def cameras and video capabilities have all but proven they exist. Slowly but surely they let out a little more info. Like the recent fighter jet images and video. Wake up people! It's about to Happen

  • Yes,but I think we are going to be shocked

    I think people are looking for tiny green men in ships,but I think its going to be way different. If we get everything we need from files, we can judge our own conclusions. I am not sure what there is out there,but I bet we haven't even come into contact with it yet.

  • They don't exist.

    No, UFO disclosure is not near, because UFO disclosure is not something that is real. We have no evidence of life on other planets. It is unlikely that aliens would come all the way to the earth and then not land to stop to talk to us. They would probably be just as surprised as we are.

  • We probably would know.

    I think that if there were such things as UFOs, then we would already know by now. I don't think that a government that has different leaders on a consistent basis could truly hide something like that for a long time. Also, why would they choose to disclose it now?

  • No, I do not think so.

    For years, I did think that UFO disclosure was very near. I was convinced for a long time that the governments were all going to come clean. Then I came to realize, there would be no way every government in the world could come together to cover this stuff up.

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