• Ulfric is totally a hero.

    I don't believe he is real, though, he is the leader of the rebels! I personally believe in Talos. I am totally a Stormcloak rebel, and Ulfric is my idol! I would definetly raise my shield in his defense if he were real. Who would ever take the side of the Empire or the Imperials? He can help us through the war!

  • No, Ulfric is just mythology.

    No. Ulfic is not a hero, because Ulfric is just mythology. Ulfric isn't real. It is just a video game that some people like to play for entertainment. Something can't be a hero if it is just a fictional character that someone came up with in order to sell video games. It is silly to think a game is a hero.

  • Ulfric will end up doing Skyrim more harm than good

    While Ulfric may seem like a hero when we first meet him, he is actually hurting Skyrim more than helping it. First, Ulfric would make life a lot worse for the Argonians, the Dark Elves, and pretty much everyone who isn't a Nord. In Windhelm the Dark Elves are hated and Argonians are'nt even allowed in the city. I know Skyrim is the land of the Nords, but a lot of the population is made up of other races and you can't just alienate them like that. Second, Skyrim should stay united with the Empire if they want to survive the Aldmeri Dominion. The Great War was just the beginning. There's gonna be another war and if the empire lost before how will Skyrim fare on its own? Skyrim as an independent country would not be able to defend itself. Ulfric wants Skyrim to be its own country, but he doesn't realize its not in the best interest of his people. Ulfric isn't a hero, his actions show that he is bad for Skyrim.

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