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    -Your friend Olivia :)

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  • It is fine in some cases

    I believe that in certain cases, it is fine for teens to drink under the supervision of adults. This does not mean to go wild and start drinking a few beers or taking a couple of shots. A small amount of alcohol should be fine like a few sips to celebrate for an occasion. I don't think this would really increase the chance of a teen to become an alcoholic.

  • Yes--I think in certain cases, it is morally justified

    When I was younger I was taught that underage drinking is wrong, and I always looked down on anybody who underage drank because I thought they were "just trying to fit in". For many people, especially high schoolers, this is probably the case and I don't think that underage drinking is okay in this instance. But, now that I am out of high school (I'm 18), I find myself searching for ways to have fun and rebel a little bit. Drinking every once in a while, as long as it's done safely, is a great way to outlet my rebellious side (so that these rebellious instincts don't build up too much until I end up doing something way too crazy). I'm an ivy league student and very dedicated to school but don't want to miss out on this fun thing that all of my friends do, and I think that the benefits, in my case, far out way the negatives of underage drinking--so as long as it is done safely, in moderation, and for the right reasons, I think that underage drinking is okay.

  • Personal opinion, it's okay if it doesn't kill them.

    I don't personally drink but I'm doing this for an essay/project I've gotta do on underage drinking.
    Anyhow, I believe it's okay to do things when you're a little young, as long as it doesn't kill them and they're being some what responsible I don't see much of a problem with it.

  • Drinking is something that most all try and is okay in moderation

    Like most other substances alcohol can be very dangerous especially in young teens. (I am a teen 15 years of age) It ban be dangerous in the sense that doing it one or twice can easy escalate to every day or every weekend. As a teen drinking that much could lead you down a long path of alcoholism. I cannot in any way speak for all teenagers but Is can speak for myself in that peer pressure is not a big thing to me most my decisions are solely my decisions and other people have little influence on me. That being said I can state that I have self-control and don't get drunk often. I am capable of limiting myself and making sure I'm not harming myself. By being responsible for it and knowing what to stay away from like driving or being in a car with other drunks. Or doing anything outside of an environment well known to the particular person. I Know that there are meany teens who need help and alcohol take over their lives but I feel that being mature about it and understanding that you have self-control over yourself can make drinking a fun experience every once and a while. Also drinking at a younger age can prepare you for college or 21 years of age where you could easily goo far beyond your limit and hurt yourself bad. It is better to make a mistake while young with time to grow than to make a mistake later in life that could affect you in tremendous ways.

  • Teen drinking can be okay.

    I am a teenager, who has just turned 17. I personally have had to much to drink at certain times which I can say was and is pretty dangerous, but in saying that I have ,learnt to watch and control the amount of alcohol I have, so I don't experience memory loss or hangovers. Out of the many, many times I've had alcohol, only two times I've had too much and both of those times were a while ago. But when I think about it, if I had have waited until I was of age to drink, It would be a problem seeing as I would be looking or already being in full-time work, which could be a problem because I wouldn't be able to control my drinking effectively and might start being late or not showing up because of feeling too sick or being passed out somewhere. So all in all I believe that from an appropriate age (like 16) teens should be able to experiment with alcohol so they can figure out what they can and can't have.

  • It's fine ok!!?

    It fine to drink cause when you drink you drink and whenever u drink people will drink and then when you drink you are happy and when you're happy ur mentally healthy and when your mentally healthy other people are happy and when other people are happy they are mentally happy

  • Of coarse its ok

    I know a lot of underage drinkers and I can tell you now they are all pushing along just fine with their lives. I believe that you are naive to think that underage people aren't curious and stupid to think that a few nights here and there having a few too many will cause any long term damage, especially after they turn 16.

  • Let kids be kids

    As long as they aren't drinking an extreme amount, they're just kids having fun. And the drinking age in the United States is abort ally high anyways. For the most part it's just kids having fun. As long as it's in moderation and they know to not drink or drive or anything, there's hardly any harm done.

  • It's against the law

    Allowing underage drinking opens the flood gate to other activities (drug use, Numerous sex partners, Driving drunk or impaired). It my lifetime (I'm 58), My father was an alcoholic, My brother died in a house fire because he past out smoking a cigarette. I have seen nothing good come from drinking, Only heartbreak. Many families have experienced heartaches and death because of alcohol. Parents, Don't allow your 18 yr olds to drink because they are "adults". They are still developing and just getting their wings. Show them good times can be had without alcohol or drugs. It's never too late to be a parent and put your foot down. Just because others are doing it, Still doesn't make it right.

  • Underage drinking... WHY?!?!

    When you drink, you put yourself at risk of alcohol poisoning which, if untreated, can be fatal. Those who underage drink put others around them at risk of a drinking problem, because it lets them know that if you can do it then they can too. Younger people than the drinker tend to do a "monkey see, monkey do" act. Which means that if they see a older, and more mature person drinking, then odds are that they will either try it out right then and there, or will end up with a drinking problem later in life.

  • Alcohol is bad

    Because god said so and ya know because it kills people and is very bad and i believe that underage drinking is for ugly people who wanna feel better and now im just trying to fit the word count so i can submit this post to this site. So yeah

  • I say yes

    I'm a high school senior I was actually doing research for a term paper when I found this, but in my four years of experience I really do believe that it is needed. For example my junior year I had a beautiful girl to care about but she wasn't allowed to go out and do anything so long story short her sophomore year when her parents loosened up on her she decided to go buck wild and then found a new face and started taking loads from him every day after school, basically if we don't experience things and then we finally get to we don't know how to do it responsibly we party in excess because we never got to and now we can so why not go wild? I drink every day 4-5 beers at least. I make A-B g rades and when I leave school I work for my beer and cig money I live with incredible stress every day(personal reasons) so if I'm gunna work my butt off I'm gunna drink. But I believe parents should be more open about certain things because first off, when I'm a parent in 20 some odd years that wont change the fact that I drank and partied like everyone does it. I just see it as you give them opportunities to be responsible around you as the parent you can have more restful nights when you know your teens a out having sex drinking smoking ect.. I believe that if my exes parents would've let her see me and hang out, she wouldn't of turned into as big of a whore and late night partier like she did and shes 15 wake up parents severe behavior like this can be potentially stopped we are kids we need to experience these things and we might end up not liking them as much if grips were loosened on todays teens.

  • Its not okay

    Because why would you want to harm yourself by drinking and all sorts of things can happen when you are drunk you never know what you get up to because you see things differentially and harder you are effecting but if you want to do no one can stop you

  • It's really not okay

    The question is stated in such a way to suggest there may be a situation where it would be okay and in truth there probably is but it would be an exception and not one which would change the overall conclusion college age and younger children should not be consuming alcoholic drinks. Making it legal won't change this kids lack the maturity to handle alcohol responsibly.

  • It's Against the Law

    In the US, you can't legally drink until you're 21, but I know plenty of people who drink anyway. Even kids at my church don't care that it's illegal. Your brain hasn't finished developing and it's easier for teenagers to become addicted to alcohol. If you start drinking before 15, you're 77% more likely to become an alcoholic. Teenagers drink to get drunk anyway. What's appealing about being out of control and having a brutal hangover afterwards? Not every law is the best, but I think this one shouldn't be changed.

  • It can harm others, and yourself

    I say no, personally i do not like alcohol, because someone in my family was al alcoholic and i do not want to become like that, he had been drinking since 16. It hurt him and myself, it can hurt you because your body is not ready, or it is not fully developed, now you are probably thinking at 18 your body is fully developed, some studies show that it can harm some teens, i personally thing eight teen is still a teenager seeing as it still says teen in it. This is my opinion.

  • Underage drinking is a horrible habbit

    I think it's disgusting when underage children drink. As a minor, people do not understand the long term consequences. As the years go by many more underage children are starting to drink at such a young age. Parents and society are also to blame for this habit that has been introduced as a normal everyday thing.

  • They're too young.

    I do not think its okay, because drinking too soon can affect your life in school (not including college or university) and your family. I think, just like Canada, it would be okay if the legal age is dropped to 19, because it is when you have matured and your parents are no longer responsible for you.

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