• Unemployment is definitely a social problem.

    When large numbers of people are unemployed, it has widespread economic and social effects. Hunger and homelessness are considered social problems. If you can't feed your family, or pay your rent, you need help. Social service agencies are set up to provide help and relief (albeit limited) for people in these situations; unemployment is therefore a social problem.

  • Unfortunately, unemployment is a social problem.

    Due to the fact that literally millions of people are currently on unemployment it truly has become a social problem. Why? The reason is because our government keeps extending benefits for the unemployed and many continue to take them without really looking for a job. I realize the job market is a very tough place right now but we as a nation need to encourage all of these folks to try harder to find a job. More often than not that will mean taking on lower end job but it gets you out working and that is the key.

  • It is the major contributing factor in escalating social problem as well as unemployment itself.

    Though the economy my experience economic boom, The agents will boost it is the employment-the labor force. When they are exploited, Laid off, Or unemployed, They are directly led to poverty. So the country may experience setbacks with or without proper or marginal workers in the workforce getting employed to meet the aggregate demand in consumption and production to aid and bring escalation to the economic development which leads to reduction social problem.

  • Youth are disadvantaged competitively when mature aged applicants are also a choice in a 'position requiring no experience' for example.

    I am aged 17, I live in Australia.
    Many people will see that Australia is a place where occupational and educational opportunities thrive. However, It could not be harder to find a position in a company that requires an applicant to have no experience. A fast-food restaurant such as McDonald's or, Say retail. The competition between youth and mature age workers are present every month. Retail was my first experience in contributing to the workforce. I enjoyed what i was doing. Although i was a casual working where i was. I received an envelope with may name on the front and as i opened this envelope, 'Termination of Employment' were unfortunately the first words my eyes were drawn to. Two weeks later i was officially described as 'unemployed'. A week later, My position was filled with, What seem to be, A woman aged 30-40 years. You would be lucky if your position wasn't terminated in the first year of working with the pressures of not being sought after as staff. I now work in a family business thankfully. Although i am underemployed due to my age, I find it much better than lacking a job.

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  • We need a better system

    Can I have a word?
    Just a little rant…

    I want to express myself,
    I have a seed to plant…

    I know that your focus,
    is on the unemployed…

    But there is something else,
    Which makes me most annoyed…

    There may be a lot of scammers,
    Lifelong rorters as it seems…

    But spare a thought for the others,
    Who have those shattered dreams…

    We might be paying billions
    On this flamin mob,

    But there are those still out there,
    Who want a bloody job !

    I didn’t like to put my hand out,
    I had a sense of pride…

    But time and age caught up with me,
    The money tree had died…

    So much stress and torture,
    Just to get some Centrelink…

    The battle was long and lasting,
    It’s not as easy as you think…

    I spilled all of my secrets,
    It seemed I was on trial,

    Countless interviews and emails,
    Were entered in a file…

    If you last the distance,
    And get the final nod…

    Once an approval is granted,
    And by the grace of god…

    It doesn’t end right there,
    You’re not on easy street…

    You have to apply for so many jobs,
    At times it is a feat….

    The government has made it worse,
    As bigger battle now awaits…

    The internet and the job providers,
    Are now ready to seal your fate…

    Then you jostle for those positions,
    Researching different leads…

    They will try and sell your courses,
    That nobody really needs...

    As you struggle with your insanity,
    In bed late every night…

    Tomorrow is another day,
    Another bloody fight..

    So I say there is a problem,
    Not all of us, are at fault…

    The system is in failure,
    We need a good result…

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  • It is the Root of All Evil

    Why does it need to be solved? (what could happen if it isn’t solved?)
    Well, unemployment and low wages can be the root to many more social issues such as poverty, hunger, and homelessness. This is because when people can’t make enough money, they can’t afford to do much at all. This also could make people stop having kids because they can’t afford to care for them.

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  • No, unemployment is not a social problem, it's an economic problem.

    While high unemployment does raise social issues it is not truly a social problem. It's an economic problem with social consequences. The unemployment rate is a direct indicator of the strength of the economy, a lagging indicator but still a direct indicator of economic strength. So high unemployment should be addressed as an economic issue and as unemployment's economic issues are resolved the social issues will also be solved.

  • Unemployment is not a serious social concern at the present time.

    It is undeniable that in the past widespread unemployment was serious concern, but in our present era it can safely be swept away or left to politicians to wax poetic about. The reasons our time is different is that in the past nations, police, and the power elite were vunerable to mass movements and, most importanlty, the masses could be moved. In our time however the negative effects of unemployment can be defeated in detail with ever falling cost. The crime associated with unemployment can be reduced with sophisticated surveilnce technologies like drones, statistical analysis, and modern riot control methods. The misery of struggling people that might inspire sympathy in the successful is hidden by income segregated housingand the entertainment complex. Most importantly our culture has evolved that unemployment cannot become a social problem, it instead is a myriad of individual problems.

    In the past masses of starving or downtrodden might organize into a threat based upon recognition of their mutual suffering, but now that unemployment is seen primarily as a personal failing caused by the vicitims own faults and misdeeds they cannot organize meaningfully.

    The is also the postive case to made about unemployment. The more people looking for work means that wages can be kept at a reasonable level for businesses and that prices can fall as they become more sensative to the buying power of those who are employed. It also means that labor power can be freed from the confines of the traditonal steady job and instead become fluid as businesses start creating more odd job model work.

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